Supervisor - Echocardiography

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To function as the direct frontline supervisor for the clinical and fetal echocardiography section in the Heart Institute Outpatient Testing area. Maintain daily operational control for staffing and task assignment for the clinical echocardiographic personnel. Participate in hiring, growth and termination of the staff for the clinical and fetal echocardiographic section personnel. Provide daily oversight of technical and IT operations for the sections. Maintain ICAEL certification for the Echocardiographic lab. Provide oversight for the sonographer and fellow educational programs. Additionally, will function as a professional sonographer and to perform cardiac ultrasound examinations for medical diagnosis. To utilize an extensive background of knowledge and expertise in pediatric cardiac morphology and pathophysiology and to function as integral member of the health care team.

To develop significant expertise in leadership areas beneficial to the Echocardiography Lab. To lead the development, maintenance and advancement of specific goals for the Echocardiography Lab and the organization using this specialized and unique area of expertise.
·Act as a Role Model:
Responds quickly and effectively in highly complex, rapidly changing and/or unfamiliar situations. Be accountable for high standards of practice and to assist in the development and accountability of others. Act as a leader in improving patient care through analytical and creative measures, who has earned the trust of peers, faculty and managers and has achieved recognition for excellence in the practice of sonography. Demonstrates clinical expertise in the implementation of the technical skills required to perform echocardiographic examinations on infants, children and adults. Demonstrates initiative and leadership in remaining current on CCHMC policies, procedures and standards. Acts as a resource to peers. Is able to expedite optimal patient outcomes by using a broad knowledge base as well as internal and external resources in care delivery. Has a global perspective and demonstrates a strong personal commitment in carrying out improvement initiatives. Functions as a mentor and/or coach, formally or informally. Leads others in ways to improve quality, efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness of care. Use critical thinking, independent judgment to solve problems and to produce high quality diagnostic information that will be utilized to optimize patient care.
Share knowledge and provide technical support for one another. Assume on-call responsibilities for the Neonatal Intensive Care Units for University Hospital, the Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, and others as directed. Actively participate in the education of Cardiology Fellows, visiting Physicians, and Students. Promote a positive collaborative atmosphere with all members of the health care team.
·Perform Cardiac Ultrasound Exams:
Prepare patients and/or parents psychologically and physically for echocardiogram. Obtain, review and bring together pertinent patient history, physical examination and supporting clinical data to facilitate diagnostic results. Perform the cardiac ultrasound examination as ordered by the physician, including M-MODE, 2D Doppler and Color Flow Mapping. Follow OSHA/JCAHO Health & Safety Training Guidelines.
·Report & Analyze Exam Results:
Provide a verbal report to the Echocardiography Faculty. Analyze the data and review results with the Echocardiology Laboratory Faculty for final interpretation. Maintain patients' records and echocardiographic laboratory logs in database. Assist with research projects as needed. Collaborate with Attending physicians, fellows and students in the conduction of research projects.
Maintain equipment by cleaning scan heads and Electrocardiogram (EKG) lead wires after each patient and following the guidelines of the infection disease committee.

Skills & Competencies

·Interpersonal Communication
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
Capable of relating to diverse age and demographic backgrounds.
·Professional Knowledge
Possess expert knowledge of anatomy and physiology, of the normal heart and the morphology and pathophysiology of common and uncommon congenital heart defects. Demonstrate proficiency in sonographic skill. Possess motivation to perform at a high level with specialized and unique expertise in areas such as technology, education, quality assurance, clinical echocardiography, research and improvement process.
·Work Initiative
Demonstrate an independent work initiative, sound judgment, problem-solving skill, leadership ability, diplomacy and a professional demeanor.
Ability to promote and maintain positive relationships with health care providers.

·High School Diploma, or equivalent required, and AND
·Two years college coursework in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology or equivalent
·Current registry as an Adult, Fetal or Pediatric Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
·For Adult or Fetal registered candidates Pediatric Registry is required within 18 months
·(RDCS) 5 years of pediatric or fetal echocardiography experience including prior lead or management experience

·Associates or Baccalaureate in Cardiovascular Medical Sonography or Cardiovascular Technology.
·Two years of prior leadership experience