DEPARTMENT: Information Services

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Systems Architect, Director




PURPOSE OF POSITION: Plans, designs and develops custom middleware, applications and interfaces for CCHMC. Maintains custom software and provide support of developed software, and to provide mentorship for junior staff.

·Development of software infrastructure and applications
Develop customer facing applications as well as infrastructure such as middle-ware, interfaces, etc. Unit testing of software to be delivered. Document work as needed, by providing in-line comments, functional design documentation, user documentation and release notes. Mentor developers in development tools, policies, algorithms, and design. Conduct code reviews of others work, providing constructive feedback.
·Provide support for software and systems
Work with customers throughout the hospital to resolve issues, answer questions, etc. Logically work through problems and see them to resolution. Support existing applications and interfaces. Monitor, manage and fix/close tickets. Monitor and manage SLAs. Maintain library of problems and corresponding solutions. Manage documentation for support including filling in all documentation required for support tickets. Escalate issues when needed.
·Facilitate software development processes
Understand the entire SDLC process and help to facilitate it. Understand the need for and know how to check in code, work with Quality Analyst to fix assigned defects, keep project manager updated on progress, issues and risks, work with the deployment manager to get an application, interface, middle ware or software patch deployed. Track time appropriately. Understand requirements and design and know how to translate them to code. Raise questions to the Business Analyst when requirements are unclear. Follow prescribed process for developing applications, middle-ware and interfaces including appropriate documentation. Mentor developers on processes and procedures and help to ensure processes are followed. Prepare and plan deployments, working with the project team. Prepare implementation plan. Coordinate with others resources, internal to the team and external to the team, where applicable.
·Interpret and execute to design documents
Be able to read and interpret use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc. Be able to develop code based on design documents that are supplied.
·Customer Service
Ensure outstanding end-user support is provided, including ongoing monitoring of Service Level Agreements for incident management and collaboration with other areas to ensure customer-centered incident management and support. Adhere to and promote continual adoption of change management policies and procedures. Model outstanding customer service behavior, including timely and effective follow-up with customers. Always maintain CCHMC's service standards of being Courteous, Attentive, Respectful and Enthusiastic team members, and Safe (CARES). Other duties as assigned.

Skills & Competencies
Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
·Independence and Teamwork
Ability to work autonomously, with independent judgment, as well as in a collaborative team environment.
·Problem Solving
Ability to independently work through details of a problem to reach a positive solution
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Technical Skills
Skill in object oriented development. Skills in front-end development using HTML, javascript, CSS, and Ajax. Experience designing and developing relational databases, associated stored procedures, views and other related database tools and tool-sets. Understanding of XML technologies including XML XSLT and XSD. Ability to read and understand class diagrams and sequence diagrams as well as use cases and other requirement documentation. Understanding of unit testing.

·Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Computer Science or other technical area
·2 years' experience developing multi-tiered software

·2 years' experience with middle-ware or backend development.
·1 year experience with UML, design patterns and general software design.