Speech Language Pathologist - Inpatient/Outpatient, Fulltime


SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders.


Scope: In addition to the basic scope; the experienced SLP demonstrates competence in 2 or more areas requiring advanced competency. Engages in outreach and education activities.


•Clinical Care and Follow-up
Using appropriate service delivery model, performs all routine and specialty diagnostic evaluations, with focus on complex cases in areas of advanced competency. Administers appropriate tests according to standard procedures; makes accurate diagnoses, appropriate recommendations and referrals. Counsels parents and provides appropriate handouts and home programs. Uses best practice decision-making to determine the appropriate frequency and duration of therapy. Formulates appropriate goals for every patient in treatment. Involves parents in treatment plan and treatment process. Consistently implements and documents tools and strategies of self-management. Structures sessions and selects appropriate intervention strategies to accomplish goals. Documents progress daily and updates treatment plan as appropriate. Completes all required documentation and charges within the standard time frames. Determines discharge criteria and prepares patient for discharge or transition as appropriate. Serves as a model to begin successful discharge planning at the start of treatment. Demonstrates excellence in achieving clinical outcomes.

•Scheduling and Contributions to Revenue
Assures that schedule is current and unavailable times are blocked in Epic. Communicates any changes with appropriate staff. Manages schedule and patient visits to make productive use of time and achieve billing targets. Anticipates scheduling variably and makes adjustment in schedule accordingly. For example, anticipates decrease in therapy with school and holidays, increasing evaluation slots when therapy slots will be unfilled. Works the required number of family friendly hours. All of these hours must be available to be scheduled for therapy, unless an exception is approved by the supervisor. This percentage may increase dependent on Division needs.

•Clinical Leadership
Serves as a expert clinician for the division in all basic areas and at least two areas of advanced competency. Serves as a practice area mentor for other staff members. . Evaluates and treats difficult and complex patients, serving as resource and mentor for other SLPs. Helps to develop educational materials for our staff, for other professionals, and for parents. Supervises students, including those doing capstone projects. Recognizes opportunities for improvement in the practice areas and generates performance improvement activities. Serves as a role model and mentor for others in the use of self-management with families. Serves as a role model of cooperation, respect, trust, time management, and professionalism. Serves as clinical mentor/supervisor to students and beginning clinicians.

•Division Leadership
Supports and participates in performance improvement activities. Participates in peer review. Participates in teaching/mentoring activities. Proactively shares knowledge with peers, students, clinical fellows. Serves in leadership role as Mentoring Council rep, Practice Team chair, Shared Governance rep, or similar responsibility. Completes mandatory training and required competencies. Maintains licensure and certification.

•Professional Leadership
Stays current with advances in speech-language pathology practice by regularly reviewing the research literature, consulting the Practice Management section of the ASHA website, including the Practice Portal, and regularly participating in continuing education to supplement advances in the profession and information in the scope of practice.




• Master's degree in speech-language pathology
• or communication sciences & disorders
• 5 - 7 years of work experience in a related job discipline.
• Active OH Speech Language-Pathology license CCC/SLP (ASHA)


Unique Skills:

New technologies in advanced competency areas