Security Officer - 3rd Shift


SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: Protects the organization's employees, properties and all items of value on premises from any preventable harm or danger. Develops security policies and procedures that comply with government guidelines and standards. Conducts investigations to protect organization assets. Responds to contingency events, including bomb threats, sabotage and severe weather conditions through on-site security force or with the assistance of government law enforcement agencies. Recommends hiring of outside security contractors as necessary and may oversee contract guard force.


Patrol buildings and grounds by way of motor vehicle and foot. Ensure that only authorized personnel are admitted onto hospital premises. Report safety and fire hazards observed on routine patrols and inspections; look for violations of the Joint Commission, OSHA, NFPA and Cincinnati Fire Code safety violations.

Respond to, investigate, and problem solve routine complaints reported by patients, parents, visitors and employees. Report/engage expert resources for timely address of patient, parent, visitor and employee concerns. File accurate documentation of interactions by the end of the shift.

•Assist clinical staff with patient restraint
physically restrain patients or other visitors as instructed by the appropriate clinical staff members. Restraining patients and monitoring combative or potentially combative patients as directed for extended periods of time. Requires annual recertification in physical restraint training.

Direct traffic within Cincinnati Children's and control parking of all patients, parents, visitors and employees. Escort patients, parents, visitors and employees to and from parking areas as needed. Control access for the entire Medical Center and perform all necessary locking and unlocking within the various buildings and grounds.

Demonstrates positive community engagement through participation in hospital sponsored training/outreach. Maintain calm, helpful and appropriate interactions in times of high stress.




• High school diploma or equivalent
• 2 years of work experience in a related job discipline.


Unique Skills:

Computer and Windows software application proficient. Keyboarding/typing/mouse proficient