DEPARTMENT: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Affiliates

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Director, Manager, Principle Investigator



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To function as a professional research nurse and to apply theoretical knowledge to the care of infant, child, adolescent and adult research participants/patients and clients. To demonstrate competence in nursing skills, problem solving and priority setting. To recognize the need for professional growth and to take appropriate steps toward meeting educational needs.

·Care Coordination and Continuity
Focuses on the usual and customary needs of the research participant/patient and family. Anticipates future needs. Bases care on standards and research protocols. Maintains a safe physical environment. Demonstrates awareness of potential adverse events throughout the research study. Works on behalf of research participant/patient and family. Assesses personal values. Represents research participant/patient when research participant/patient cannot represent self. Sees research participant/patient and their family within the isolated environment of the research study. Provides structured education based on the plan of research goals and the needs of the research participant/patient and family. Sees self as key resource to support the family through the research experience.
·Clinical Practice
Collects research & clinical data. Follows algorithms, decision trees, and protocols. Matches formal knowledge with research events to make appropriate decisions. Uses available resources as needed. Demonstrates good clinical practice (GCP). Follows standards and guidelines. Implements clinical changes and research-based practices developed by others. Recognizes routine or obvious changing research participant/patient situation (adverse events, serious adverse events). In unusual care situations, seeks help when needed to identify research participant/patient problem.
·Contributing to Science
Recognizes the need for further learning to improve research participant/patient care. Participates in shared governance as a member of research nurse forum or by demonstrating awareness and contributing to shared decision making (reading minutes, giving feedback and implementing research nurse forum decisions). Contributes to the advancement of the specialty area of research nursing.
·Human Subjects Protection
Provides just-in-time feedback and demonstrates interest in evaluating other perspective to peers to ensure research care based on safe and ethical research practice using the nursing process. Aware of research participant/patients' rights. Adherence to regulatory guidance and regulations. Able to recognize ethical issues and take appropriate action for referral/conflict resolution. Assesses cultural diversity. Recognizes the potential impact of culture on the research participant/patient and family experience. Aware of ethical conflicts/issues that may surface in research setting. Makes ethical/moral decisions based on GCP.
·Study Management
Provides structured education to the study team based on the plan of research goals and the needs of the research participant/patient and family. Assists with peer and student learning experiences. Recognizes and accesses system components and processes within research environment. Is receptive to the contributions of the interdisciplinary team in research team meetings and discussion regarding research participant/patient issues. Demonstrates openness to coaching and mentoring from others.

Skills & Competencies
Knowledge of growth and development
·Family-centered care
Understands and support family-centered care
·Nursing - Basic
Competency in basic nursing practices and skills
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
Ability to adapt work schedule to meet the demands of the position, possibly including nights and/or weekends
Persistently seeking feedback from others as well as opportunities to update and master job-relevant knowledge; volunteering for training and development opportunities; changing behavior in response to feedback and experience
·Professional Demeanor
Demonstrates an independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, tact and professional demeanor
·Emotional Resilience
Remaining composed and calm when faced with setbacks, disappointments, rejection, crises, stress or pressure; readily putting aside concerns to get the job done; taking a problem solving rather than an emotional approach when faced with a difficult situation; being even-tempered and non-defensive
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
If you have an interest in research and want to get an opportunity to learn more about the role this could be the role for you. We have added 3 PRN positions as a Research Nurse to help with Research in our clinic in times of high volume. PRN opportunities will vary in hours may go into the evening as late as 10PM at times and some Saturdays. This position for an internal would need to be with in the 40 hours per week so you are not into overtime. Ideal for someone with a 0.5 FTE who wants to pick up a little and learn about research. Will have modules and additional training for the role.

·Registered Nurse License
·Two years of clinical experience
·Bachelor of Science Nursing OR enrolled in BSN/MSN program within 1 year of hire, and complete it within 5 years

·Experience in research
·Driver's License may be required