Research Flow Cytometry Core - Research Associate


DEPARTMENT: Cincinnati Children's Research in Patient Services

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Scientific Director



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide technical leadership and instruction for routine and complex laboratory procedures and data analysis for laboratory personnel/investigators using the Research Flow Cytometry Core Shared Facility (RFCC) and RFCC staff. To maintain quality control of instrumentation and daily operations.

·Conduct Research: TrainRFCC investigators in the use of flow cytometry instrumentation and data analysis.Consult with investigators on design of flow cytometry experiments. Design,execute and record laboratory experiments; apply standard scientific/researchprotocols to experiments, research and improve current methods and evaluateinnovative techniques. Design and perform experiments and record data accordingto research protocol. Independentlyreproduce, evaluate, research and improve techniques currently used. Adapt new methods to existing procedures andmodify current experiments through scientific knowledge and intuition. Maintain accurate and detailed records of alllaboratory work and experiments. Develop, set-up and verify new procedures inthe laboratory. Standardize andestablish new published procedures; evaluate innovative techniques. Develop new assays and new protocols; designformats. Discuss relevant insights aboutexperimental results with Director and provide useful recommendations andanalysis. Troubleshoot and correcterroneous results or problems with laboratory equipment. Maintain and repair equipment; monitor properuse by personnel. Maintain optimalprotocol and assay accuracy by conducting regular quality and reproducibilitychecks. Demonstrate performance at work,consistency in carrying out instructions, accuracy & attention to detail, achievingexpected results & continuous improvement.
·Scholarly Activity: Draft, write and edit scientific reports, papers, journal articles and abstracts. Present at local, national and international scientific meetings.
·Collaboration: Mentor and supervise the work less experienced researchers as appropriate. Maintains an integral role select meetings. Present information on research and to others at select meetings. Demonstrates attendance and punctuality, ability to work independently & display initiative and dedication.
·Education and Training: Acts as a mentor to less experienced researchers, serve as the contact for resolution of research methods questions, provide education, guidance and work direction to less experienced researchers. May provide input and feedback to managers on hiring decisions, professional development and performance management.

Skills & Competencies
·Interpersonal Communication
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
·Attention to Detail
Demonstrate attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and innovative research ideas.
Computer literate and working knowledge of software applications (word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and database software).
·Professional Knowledge
Analytical ability sufficient to complete data analysis. Ability to synthesize information and to create and deal with new situations by applying past experiences. Expressed willingness to teach others and share results. Capable of meeting time demands necessary to meet deadlines. Ability to express results in the form of oral and written presentations suitable for submission to the peer-reviewed literature.
·Research Expertise
Expertise in the conduct of research. Presentation of research results in a form suitable for extramural funding applications.

· nursing or related discipline

·3 years related experience