Research Flow Cytometry Core - Lab Supervisor



TITLES SUPERVISED: Research Associates, Research Assistants, Clinical Lab Specialists, Lab Assistants, Applications Specialists, Lab Coordinator, Molecular Genetics Technicians, Fellows, co-op students etc.

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Toprovide supervision, instruction and consultation for laboratory personnelusing the CCHMC Research Flow Cytometry Core. To assist in the planning,direction, implementation, coordination and improvement of research activitiesassociated with the CCHMC Research Flow Cytometry Core. To facilitate quality,efficiency, communication and safety; to act as a resource and problem solverwithin the laboratory.

·Laboratory Operations
Participate in the development and implementation of short and long term goals including growth strategies. Coordinate daily operations of the laboratory in order to assure overall effectiveness and success. Respond to and resolve technical and logistical problems. Write, review and approve standard operating procedures, specifications, validations etc. Implement procedures in laboratory and evaluate their effectiveness. Communicate with, assess and meet the needs of investigators/customers of the laboratory. Ensures services provided are done in a professional and quality manner. May assist in recruitment of new clients and retention of current clients. May collaborate with the manager and staff in the investigation of new procedures and products and implement initiatives that are appropriate for providing enhanced customer service and satisfaction. Ensure laboratory services provided are submitted for billing as appropriate. Monitor laboratory budgets. Assist with costing laboratory services provided. Monitor expenditures and prepare capital expenditure requests. May assist in identifying new funding opportunities including establishing lab agreements and contracts with outside clients.
·Personnel Leadership
Responsible to ensure that the laboratory is adequately staffed and scheduled. Identify and assign appropriate tasks to staff. Provides daily supervision of all staff to ensure achievement of the laboratories' goals and objectives through teamwork, employee achievement and employee development. Support the recruitment, hiring, development, training, continuing competency and continuing education of staff. Supervise the training of new research assistants, fellows, and other laboratory personnel. Evaluate their performance progress and provide documentation of the training process. Perform yearly performance evaluations for direct reports, establish goals, and identify areas of concern. Work to correct personnel management issues. Develop a proficient understanding of various job functions to delegate and schedule job duties efficiently. Monitor employee continued competency records and maintain documentation. May work with HR to create and maintain accurate position descriptions and performance evaluation criteria. Ensure the procedure manuals are current, available and reviewed annually and that all employees are educated and trained on all revisions.
·Laboratory Research
Develop/design, set-up, implement, verify, and record new assays, procedures and protocols in the laboratory. Maintains accurate and detailed records of all laboratory work and experiments performed. Standardize and establish new published procedures. Evaluate innovative techniques. Maintain optimal protocol and assay accuracy by conducting regular quality and reproducibility checks. Independently reproduce, evaluate, research and improve techniques currently used. Discuss relevant insights about experimental results with Director and provide useful recommendations and analysis. Assist in writing and editing scientific reports, papers, journal articles and abstracts. Maintain an integral role in the laboratory's meetings and presentations. Present information on research and laboratory work to others at laboratory meetings, journal clubs and seminars. Aid in the selection of appropriate test methodologies, verification of procedures and establishing performance characteristics. May work with principal investigators to design, execute and record laboratory data according to research protocols and modify current procedures through scientific knowledge as appropriate to meet individual study needs.
·Regulatory Compliance/Accreditation
In partnership with the manager/director ensure the readiness and compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations as appropriate for the assigned laboratory (i.e. CAP/CLIA, GTP/GMP, JCAHO,OSHA). Ensure a continuous state of preparation for all accreditation surveys, audits, etc and support the operations through, licensures, data output analysis, assay validation, organizing research studies, and QA/QC. May implement all regulatory standards to assure facility commissioning, validation/qualification and certification. May assist in coordination of other accreditation and regulatory activities. Participate in audits and partners with the manager/director to ensure that significant findings are addressed and systems put in place to prevent recurring adverse findings. Stay updated on laws and regulations that might affect policies and procedures and update or implement new practices and procedures as needed. Implements and maintain programs and processes that are effective in identifying problems. May prepare compliances reports and communicate those results to the director. Assure that testing systems are functioning properly.
·Quality and Safety
Ensure quality in all aspects of the laboratory operation, coordinating and collaborating with leadership regarding all testing and reporting issues. Maintain and evaluate laboratory safety and help the manager/director to develop, implement, monitor, and manage programs, policies and procedures. Regularly evaluate facilities and equipment to identify unsafe conditions and report those safety concerns appropriately. Implement processes to ensure quality and safety. May act as the Authorized user and monitor for the safe utilization of radioactive materials. May ensure that all chemical inventories and personnel safety training is complete and up to date. Review quality metrics and proactively identify solutions. Ensure compliance with all quality and safety requirements.
·Equipment and Facility
May oversee maintenance, operation and scheduling of laboratory equipment and facility; troubleshoot problems and assist in arranging service. Troubleshoot and correct erroneous results or problems with laboratory equipment and facility. Maintain and repair equipment and facility; monitor proper use by personnel. Assist in the planning, design, assessment and improvement of laboratory facilities and logistical operations.

Skills & Competencies
Efficiently delegating work that is the appropriate level of difficulty and giving others the authority to accomplish it; providing information, coordinating work efforts, providing assistance, and removing obstacles without becoming overly involved in daily or minor issues; following through and monitoring progress to ensure goals are achieved
·Analysis - Basic
Analytical ability sufficient to evaluate data, make judgments and recommendations
·Problem Solving
Ability to independently work through details of a problem to reach a positive solution
·Communication - Advanced
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
Working knowledge of procedures and strong technical proficiency. Knowledge of the regulatory environment and requirements. Demonstrated ability to perform laboratory procedures. Demonstrated experience in writing, approving, and implementing SOPs. May require knowledge of CAP/CLIA and/or GMP.

·Bachelor's Degree in a related field
·5 years flow cytometry experience

·Supervisory experience
·Experience in laboratory specializations (i.e. flow cytometry)