Quality Improvement Specialist II; James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence

To achieve transformational and sustainable change in outcomes, experience and value, assist in project design and development at a strategic level, build strong QI teams.


Provide expert customer service as a consultant to quality improvement teams utilizing CCHMC improvement science methodology and tools, reliability science, expert level facilitation, and change management methodologies including team building, leadership development, and will building. Understand the aims and scope of the work. Identify and implement QI data driven strategies to ensure team's success.

·Planning (Learning Network):
Drive creation of Change Packages by working with faculty and content experts to identify evidence based care. Work with Learning Network Chair to plan and lead planning group calls. Orient planning group to the Learning Network process and their roles and responsibilities. Coordinate Planning Group involvement in the Learning Network. Lead development of Learning Session and action period call agendas and materials. Support recruitment by interacting with client and interested teams.

Provide expert level planning and facilitation for meetings including large group learning sessions, conference calls, and expert meetings. Design work sessions with a specific focus or intent. Drive consensus to finalize the charter, measures and interventions to help teams obtain results. Keep meetings focused and moving, and ensure even participation. Build cohesiveness to achieve results and guide the teams to perform at the highest level possible.

·Learning Environment/Curriculum Development:
Learning Environment/Curriculum Development (Learning Network): Provide expert level direction/management for quality improvement teams and contribute to strategic planning for the Learning Networks. Coordinate and contribute to the development of learning objectives for all activities and provide final approval for all pre-work, learning session and Action Period call materials. Develop Learning Session evaluations. Teach and train at learning sessions.

Develop connectedness with peers to develop a strong working team. Provide QI coaching to assist I2S2 students in successful understanding of QI methodology and completion of assigned projects. Provide coaching to develop strong team leaders.

Create and maintain timely and thorough progress reports which include key driver diagrams, run charts, and PDSA testing documentation. Provide quarterly updates regarding status of goal attainment. Contribute to the development of Learning Network progress reports. Evaluate progress of Learning Network teams.

Skills & Competencies
·Soft Skills:
facilitation, coaching, consulting, strategic planning, influencing, building capability, effective oral and written communication and presentation skills, meeting management, change management
·Technical QI Methodology:
measurement development, goal setting, impact/effort analysis, process flow diagraming, data analysis, advanced SPC tools (graph selection, creation, and interpretation), Lean, VOC, project chartering, high reliability concepts, change concepts, annual/90 day plans, brainstorming, systems thinking, computer applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
·Leadership Skills:
Emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and planning, mentoring
·Personal Attributes:
Results driven, resilient, team player, collaborative, tolerant of ambiguity, optimistic, possesses sense of urgency, passionate, committed to excellence

** Some travel required.

·Bachelor's degree in healthcare related discipline, engineering, business or equivalent
·Seven years of professional work experience including five years of experience with Quality improvement methodologies AND tools such as but not limited to PI, CQI, Six Sigma, Lean or TQM

·Master's Degree
·Quality improvement experience with multi-disciplinary clinical teams
·Coaching experience highly desirable