Psychometrist II - Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To administer and score psychological test batteries evaluating children's cognitive, academic, neuropsychological, behavioral, and emotional status in order to assist Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and other medical professionals in treatment decisions. To administer standardized testing appropriate to determine localization of brain lesions, ability to return to school after injury or illness, appropriate school placement, learning disability, and other treatment decisions. To provide technical support to Psychologists on specialty teams and clinical research projects.

·Compliance - Patient Services Staff
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Support leadership in Compliance efforts to meet and sustain the regulatory compliance efforts of the department and hospital. Be mindful and judicious in monitoring safety and departmental policies and procedures. Ensure all individual certifications and Safety College requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Work with department managers, nurse council and magnet representatives to identify and share safety best practices. Be mindful of CCHMCs processes and compliance with CMS standards and freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership team members.
·Patient Care - Age Specific and Culturally Diverse
Consistently integrates age specific and culturally diverse concepts into patient care, taking into consideration both the patient's chronological age and developmental functioning.
·Administer pediatric psychological tests
Competent is administering all the most commonly administered IQ and Achievement tests as well as in at least two (2) other areas (i.e. Neuropsychological, Psychomotor, Language, Personality, and Memory). Adapt the administration of test to the specific needs of each patient while staying within the standardized procedures set forth for each test; when standardized testing is not possible, evaluate the patient's level of functioning by engaging in constructive play situations. Ensure that inpatients referred to the Division for testing are seen in a timely manner.
·Score pediatric psychological tests
Score all tests accurately and in the timeframe specified by the Division.
·Effectively communicate with patients, families and doctors
Provide written summary of the patient's behavior during testing, including any interactions with the patient's parents or peers that may be observed incidentally to the psychologist. Complete progress notes in EPIC. Provide data to assist children in getting the appropriate special services/IEPs that are required and needed. Discuss progress of inpatients with other health professionals; keep psychologist informed of their status. Provide for the exchange of appropriate patient care and clinical information when patients are admitted, referred, transferred or discharged. Provide data for Psychologists which will contribute to the assessment of a patient's needs, the organization's capability to provide care or treatment and the appropriate level of care.
·Participate in special projects as needed
Assist with research and/or divisional quality improvement projects as needed.

Skills & Competencies
Ability to accurately document as necessary
Knowledge of growth and development
·Knowledge of Field - Intrm
Knowledge of regulations, procedures and best practices in field
·Detail Orientation
Meticulously keeping track of details without becoming overwhelmed by them; being exacting, precise, and accurate; spotting minor imperfections or errors and taking action to correct them
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Patients and Families
Capability to relate well to and motivate patients and families; ability to gather information from patients and families, observe behavior, document data and relay information to others
·Testing Skills
Must have demonstrated proficiency in testing skills for the most commonly administered IQ and Achievement tests as well as in at least two (2) other areas (i.e. Neuropsychological, Psychomotor, Language, Personality, and Memory).

·Bachelor of Psychology OR related discipline AND 3 years of experience as a Psychometrist OR
·Master's degree in Psychology with coursework in individual test instruments AND 1 year related experience