Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

We are recruiting for a full-time Pharmacy Technician Supervisor. This position works with a second Supervisor, managing a staff of 78 Technicians. Responsibilities include scheduling, inventory, staffing, interviewing, training, corrective counseling, in addition to special projects.

The ideal candidate must have past pharmacy technician experience, and management and leadership experience.



SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Operations Specialist

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Staff Pharmacist, Lead Pharmacy Technician

TITLES SUPERVISED: Pharmacy Technician I, II and Lead


PURPOSE OF POSITION: To supervise the daily work flow of the Pharmacy Technicians I, II and Lead. To provide leadership, coordinate special projects and to serve as instructor for new Technicians, Pharmacy and Pharmacy Technician students and continuing education activities.

·Compliance - Patient Services Management
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Evaluate area of responsibility for compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards. Identify best practices as well as deficiencies to share with peers and make recommendations for improvement. Participate in the development of corrective action plans to guide needed and sustainable improvements. Provide project leadership, and/or hands-on support for implementation of operational dashboards that allow the area AVP to monitor progress and insure gains are attained and sustained. Ensure that compliance and readiness plans are current. Work with department leaders of Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) and Accreditation Services to improve staff competency, compliance and documentation. Enhance relationships to promote interdisciplinary involvement and knowledge of compliance standards, status, and actions. Track laws, regulations and standards that may affect practice and policies. Work with direct reports to insure that needed changes are made by the effective date of any change(s) in requirements.
·Daily Operations
Schedule and direct the daily workflow of Pharmacy Technician activities. Maintain a clean work area. Answer, screen and direct telephone calls
·Staffing and Selection
Provide performance feedback to Pharmacy Technicians and address related issues. Review Pharmacy Technician attendance for adherence to policy. Review projects of Lead Pharmacy Technicians for completeness and accuracy. Coordinate interviewing and tours for Pharmacy Technician applicants. Perform orientation and training of all new hire technicians, pharmacy students and pharmacy technician students. Assist with continuing education activities for technicians. Must participate in 80% (or more) of peer evaluations.
·Medication Dispensing
Prepare unit dose, ambulatory and sterile dosage forms for dispensing. Interpret physician orders, prepare dispensing records, type labels and calculate doses and drug volumes for drug dosages. Fill and deliver medication carts/drawers to patient care areas. Account for any missing medications. Prepare batch labels and repackage drugs from stock solutions. Prime administration tubing for central IV lines using setup for Hickman Protocol. Prepare total parenteral nutrition admixtures using automated equipment or manually.
·Systems and Reporting
Interact with pharmacy and hospital computer systems as necessary to maintain records, generate billing, labels and reports. File orders and D/C patient files.
·Inventory and Materials
Credit returned medications. Maintain inventory and stock levels and equipment as necessary.
Coordinate and execute special projects (both short and long term) alone or in conjunction with others. This includes design, implementation and troubleshooting.

Skills & Competencies
·Clerical Abilities
Ability to perform clerical functions with accuracy and attention to detail
·Communication - Intermediate
Good verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Training - Basic
Knowledge of basic training methods and techniques
·Knowledge of Field - Intrm
Knowledge of regulations, procedures and best practices in field
Demonstrated leadership and management skills
Possess finger dexterity, manual dexterity and motor coordination necessary to manipulate necessary tools/objects
Strong organizational and project management skills to handle projects independently.
·Math Skills
Mathematical ability sufficient to perform basic and routine calculations
Typing skills

·High School Graduate OR Equivalent
·Previous pharmacy or other related experience
·One year of leadership/management experience
·National Pharmacy Technician Certification

·Associate's Degree or Certificate in Pharmacy Technology