Patient Escorter- Standby/PRN - 3rd shift/Nights

To transport patients to designated destinations within the medical center incorporating the principles of customer advocacy, teamwork and team cohesiveness to accomplish patient care, quality service and team.

·Compliance - Patient Services Staff
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Support leadership in Compliance efforts to meet and sustain the regulatory compliance efforts of the department and hospital. Be mindful and judicious in monitoring safety and departmental policies and procedures. Ensure all individual certifications and Safety College requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Work with department managers, nurse council and magnet representatives to identify and share safety best practices. Be mindful of CCHMCs processes and compliance with CMS standards and freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership team members.
·Patient Care
Transport of all level 3 and 4 patients when deemed appropriate by an R.N. Assist nursing staff in lifting, moving and positioning patients as necessary during transport and radiologic procedures. Transport patients to clinical procedure areas including surgical, diagnostic testing, and outpatient areas by rolling beds, wheeled stretchers or wheel chairs. Communicate patient information and needs to the receiving departments, dispatchers and patient escort team. Accompany discharged patients to their destinations. Perform patient transports {i.e. response time, completion time} consistent with team averages. Respect patient rights for informed consent and the handling of confidential information as defined by Cincinnati Children's mission and applicable laws and regulations. Perform other duties as assigned.
·Customer Service
Customer advocates; strive to better meet the needs of the patients, and hospital personnel. Interact with customers in a courteous, attentive and conscientious manner. Understands, adheres to and models Core Standards as defined organizationally and specifically within the department/unit.
Networks actively with other health care professionals to promote smooth transitions and reduce boundaries in care delivery throughout the continuum of care. Demonstrate good interpersonal skills; support and encourage fellow team members to work towards a common goal of safe, efficient patient transportation with a customer advocacy focus. Respond and resolve dispatch alerts, delays or problems on assigned shifts. Ensure that the work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for employees, patients and families. Provide communication for the exchange of appropriate care and clinical information when patients or clients are admitted, referred, transferred or discharged.
Attend required Cincinnati Children's training sessions, including CPR, fire safety and isolation precautions sessions and OSHA. Comply with infection control policies and procedures. Develop knowledge and professional skills, through cross training; literature and attendance at department meetings. Participate in establishing job requirements and goals; performing duties at the desired level of competency.
·Equipment Maintenance
Set up and maintain traction equipment on all types of beds and cribs. Perform equipment rounds and utility room checks daily. Maintain integrity of wheelchairs and other equipment by cleaning wheelchairs and performing safety checks on equipment daily. Perform other duties as assigned.
Works collaboratively with the team to create and maintain a developmentally appropriate environment. Engages in the multidisciplinary team process, actively participating in effective problem solving, collegial learning and pursuit of best practices. Deal with conflicts directly, constructively and tactfully. Promotes an atmosphere of cooperation, respect and trust within the team. Assists others and provides leadership in implementing the standards of the patient care and access.
·Critical Thinking
Demonstrates strong critical thinking skills by making appropriate decisions. Prioritizes both planned and unplanned events, and proactively addresses actual and potential problems, exceeding patient or client expectations. Seeks input from teammates or supervisor as necessary.
Functions as a mentor and/or coach, formally or informally. Leads others in ways to improve quality, efficiency, productivity, and cost effectiveness of service. Assists others and provides leadership in implementing the standards of the patient care and access.

Skills & Competencies
·Interpersonal Communication
Good interpersonal and oral communication skills. Ability to relate to adult and children.
·Customer Advocacy
Practice customer advocacy.
·Teamwork and Decision Making
Teamwork performances and decision making skills.
·Physical Ability
Able to lift and move patients of all ages and sizes.

·High School Graduate OR Equivalent

·1 year related experience
·Related health care experience