Patient and Family Engagement Specialist - Psychiatry, 32 hours/week

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide support and education to families and provide leadership from a patient and family perspective, to promote family centered care and facilitate family engagement in Quality Improvement work and decision-making within the Psychiatry Division. To formally coordinate ways in which adult family members and current/former patients can contribute to the mission, strategic plan, quality improvement and operational structure and processes within psychiatry: to connect the work of different teams within psychiatry in order to reduce duplicities, spread best practices and promote value and growth.

·Education and Support
Serve as an on-site resource and support for both parents and staff at the College Hill campus as well as providing remote support for the other campuses. Document all referrals made for parent support and track all outcomes and follow up. Proactively provide outreach to all new families in Psychiatry Division and document interaction and outcomes. Educate families about the Family to Family Mentor Program and match families with a mentor as needed or requested. Assist caregivers with advocacy education to access services throughout various entities to meet the needs of the family. Educate about and spread the practice of patient and family-centered care and family engagement throughout the Psychiatry Division by promoting and utilizing Patient and Parent advisors to represent the patient/family voice on a variety of different venues, including but not limited to the Parent Patient Advisory Council (PPAC), site based task forces, and improvement teams. Plan events and activities to recruit and grow the Parent/Patient Advisory Board. Screen and orient all advisors. Maintain database containing the experience and contact information. Maintain relationships with advisors and committee leads to ensure advisor participation is productive and all needs are being met.
·Develop and Maintain Relationships
Build collaborative relationships with professionals and assist with the enhancement of Family-Centered Care and Quality Improvement initiatives. Promote the availability of Family to Family mentors and trained family advisors through meetings, presentations, publications, and correspondence with physicians, nurses, social workers, employees and families. Maintain a database containing the needs of the Psychiatric Division and the group/person that needs family advisors to advance their work. Serve on committees as a parent voice/representative of Psychiatry such as, but not limited to, The Patient Family Experience Committee and the CCO team.
·Oversee Family and Patient Advisory Councils
Recruit and screen individual candidates for Parent/Patient Advisory Council. Ensure the orientation, training and satisfaction of new Advisors for council. Work with the leadership staff in Psychiatry to establish goals and objectives for councils and take the steps required to reach those goals. Coordinate and plan meeting agendas. Recruit presenters and guide presenters' preparation to speak to a group that includes lay families/patients. Facilitate each council meeting in unbiased, professional manner ensuring that the goals and objectives of the council are met. Update both councils with regular progress reports on projects and on strategic plan.
·Committee Membership and Events
Share expertise and resources about family-centered care, the parent/patient advisor program, the family to family program, the health home program and other related topics through correspondence, phone calls, attendance/presentation at related events. Participate actively on designated committees, with the purpose of providing a specific Psychiatry Parent perspective. Assist in the development, training and running of parent classes at all Psychiatry campuses.
·Manage Family to Family Mentor Program
Recruit, interview and train qualified parents to serve as Family to Family Mentors. Maintain a pool of active and qualified family mentors to meet the demand of parent matches. Manage monthly reports from parent mentors tracking all parent activity, interactions and outcomes. Give ongoing parent mentor support.
·Health Home Parent Facilitator Trainer
Share expertise, educate and train Parent Facilitators on the needs of parents and ways to help them transition to self-management. Attend family meetings as needed, and weekly meetings with care team to provide resources and support to both staff and families. Create trainings and educational material as needed.
·PPAC and Family Advisor
Perform necessary measurement of PPAC and family advisor activities, including database maintenance, and preparing an annual report of the PPAC's work to promote family-centered care and Quality Improvement work.
·Patient/Family Coordination
Coordination with Patient/Family Engagement Specialist and Parent Program Specialist - Meet monthly with other Parent/Family Specialists to share and to cultivate patient and parent advisors to meet the needs of Quality Improvement team's through-out the organization. These needs can be met through advisory groups, focus groups, and/or embedding advisors onto teams. Track all activity in shared database.

Skills & Competencies
·Interpersonal Communication
Exceptional verbal, written, interpersonal and customer service skills required.
Ability to relate to diverse age and demographic backgrounds. Capable of working with a diverse customer population, expressing global empathy and adapting to unique situations.
·Family Centered Care
Sound understanding of concepts of Family Centered, Care and Quality Improvement Science.
·Problem Solving
Demonstrates organizational, problem solving, and negotiation skills.
·Work Initiative
Demonstrates an independent work initiative.

·Associate's Degree OR equivalent
·3 years related experience
·Some experience in Quality Improvement Science
·College Degree
-Adult family member of a child who currently is/has been a Cincinnati Children's patient