PARAMEDIC,Transport Team, Part-Time, 7p-7a, 24 hrs/week


DEPARTMENT: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: Clinical Director Patient Services, Transport Team Medical Director

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Clinical Director

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Unit Staff, Multidisciplinary Team Members



PURPOSE OF POSITION: Provides safe, high-quality patient care in cooperation with the care team. The Paramedic makes careful observation of patients exhibiting a wide array of conditions and diagnoses and intervenes within their scope of practice. As defined by Ohio law, CCHMC Transport Team policies, and the Southwestern Ohio Hamilton County Emergency protocols

·Compliance - Patient Services Staff
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Support leadership in efforts to meet and sustain the regulatory compliance efforts of the department and hospital. Be mindful and judicious in monitoring safety and departmental policies and procedures. Ensure all individual certifications and Safety College requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Work with department managers, nurse council and magnet representatives to identify and share safety best practices. Be mindful of CCHMCs processes and compliance with CMS standards and freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership team members.
·Patient Care - Age Specific and Culturally Diverse
Consistently integrates age specific and culturally diverse concepts into patient care, taking into consideration both the patient's chronological age and developmental functioning.
·Promote effective communication
Promote open and timely communication with all members of the healthcare team, patients, family members and visitors. Reports to nursing staff any change in observable response to patient's condition. Responds promptly to requests by patients, families, and employees. Offer assistance to coworkers after completion of own duties. Work effectively in teams. Demonstrate diplomacy, tact, and professional demeanor. Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data and providing input to department discussion. Maintain and respect confidentiality of patient, families, and employees. Discuss concerns of work situation with director or designee.
·Work environment
Ensure the work environment is organized, safe, accessible, effective, and efficient for patients, families, and coworkers. Adhere to established standards and practices of CCHMC. Adhere to infection control policies. Report malfunctioning equipment and other environmental hazards immediately. Maintain adequate stock and storage of supplies and equipment. Anticipate change in needs based on volume. Ensure proper working conditions of patient care and unit equipment. Attend required CCHMC training sessions.
·Self development
Engage in a variety of activities and behaviors that characterize level of training. Recognize own learning needs and those of peers and assists in meeting those needs to maximize professional development and optimal paramedic practice. Willing to learn necessary skills, gain knowledge, and strive for continuous improvement. Work both independently and under direct supervision. Attend required CCHMC training sessions. Develop knowledge and professional skill through cross-training, participation in shared governance literature, and attendance at department meetings. Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data, and providing input to department discussion. Participate in ongoing performance management and self-development activities. Attend required in services. Participate in unit and Cincinnati Children's activities, committees, and councils. Share in leadership responsibilities. Integrate newly acquired knowledge into practice. Precept new employees. Complete and submit required training records independently and in a timely fashion. Seek information and guidance when needed.
·Clinical duties and competencies
Competent in performing identified skills as established by CCHMC Transport Team policy and procedure and guideline and the State of Ohio Board of EMS. Accept and comply with laws, regulations, rules, policies, and procedures. Demonstrate basic knowledge of medical terminology. Operate Emergency Vehicles within applicable laws. Independently assess department needs and respond within Paramedic scope of practice according to the state EMS Board Division of EMS/Ohio Department of Public Safety. The complete scope of practice can be found in Ohio Revised Code Sections 4765.39 (EMT-P) and further defined in Ohio Administrative Code Rules, 4765-17-03 (Paramedic). Maintain current driver's license and good driving records; points not to exceed 5. Maintain current national registry, Ohio and Kentucky EMS Paramedic certification. Maintain clear record of incidents in CCHMC vehicle. Turn in all fuel slips and required documentation per standard operating procedure. Demonstrate compliance with physical requirements of lifting, pushing, and carrying up to 400 lbs.
·Operate and maintain ambulances
Foster environment that prevents accident, illness and injury and strives for continuous improvement. Operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner at all times. Seek to improve safety. Engage in preventative maintenance activities. Select optimal route for transport in consultation with professional staff considering weather, terrain, other environmental conditions, patient needs, and other appropriate factors. Maintain knowledge of referral hospital locations and operate the vehicle to transport patient and crew directly between hospitals with consideration of optimal route. Maintain clean and professional appearance of vehicle and other equipment. Maintain adequate stock and storage of supplies and equipment and anticipate change in need based on transport activity. Assure adequate fuel supply for all transports. Complete daily vehicle inventory and maintenance checks as required. Assure crew, family, and patients adhere to safety requirements while in a moving vehicle.

Skills & Competencies
·Professional Knowledge
Driving large vehicles, lifting, carrying, pushing and assisting patients; eyesight and hearing correctable to normal range, ability to discern color, oral communication to interact with staff and patients and fine motor skills including keyboarding . Current driver's license and good driving record; points not to exceed 5.
·Customer Relation
Requires ability to attain objectives and deal effectively with job stress and with occasionally combative or verbally abusive patients and/or family members.
·Decision Making
Able to make decisions, prioritize and reprioritize duties under conditions of frequent change and interruptions.
·Physician Requirements
Capable of sitting, standing, walking, bending/stooping, kneeling, reaching, hearing, twisting, seeing, speaking, grasping/manipulating objects, and climbing. Capable of lifting and pushing transport equipment up to 400 lbs with proper body mechanics and engineering controls where available. Capable of carrying up to 50 lbs. Must be able to work in extreme climates and confined spaces. This job requires the ability to work in an environment where there is considerable noise, vibrations, bumps, turns, stops, starts.
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Current State of Ohio Paramedic Certification
  • State of Kentucky Paramedic Certification within 9 months of employment
  • Current National Registry (NREMT) within 6 months of employment
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Paramedic
  • Valid Driver's License with less than 5 points on driving record
  • ACLS Certification
  • PALS Certification within 3 months of employment
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Provider certification within 6 months of employment
  • Trauma Certification within 1 year of employment
  • CPR Certification or to be obtained during CCHMC orientation
  • Current driver's license and good driving record must be maintained; points not to exceed 5.
  • Current National Registry (NREMT)