DEPARTMENT: Linguistic Services




TOTAL NUMBER OF FTE's INDIRECTLY SUPERVISED: 0 GENERAL SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Manager of Linguistic Services, provide professional and cultural competent medical interpreting services to patients and families of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center who are identified as limited English proficient patients.Provide the same quality services to all hospital personnel that might require the service. Perform all interpreting activity in compliance with all office and hospital policies and procedures, particularly related to patient confidentiality and informed consent. Assist the department with on-the-job training and mentoring of interpreter practicums and collaborate on specific projects and departmental goals, particularly related to quality control and improvement of services provided.

Facilitate communication between limited English proficient patients and families and hospital's staff by providing accurate and professional medical interpreting services in person or via video remote technology. Capable of providing occasional translation services for specific written texts, such as consent forms and discharge summaries. Recognize the complexity of the clinical encounter and added factor of linguistic barrier by identifying cues from encounter participants regarding level of understanding and/or need for clarification. Manage spatial configuration and flow of communication in order to preserve accuracy and completeness. Assess and address potential areas of discomfort for patient (age, gender of interpreter, no previous experience with interpreters). During interpreter rounding assignments, explain hospital resources, office protocols, and limitations to clinicians and patients; serve as a cultural and linguistic resource to both patients and providers in order to enable successful outcomes.
Perform special functions for management in order to support the scheduling and the business management teams as deemed necessary. Work with administration and hospital personnel to assist with efficient utilization of medical interpreter resources/platforms. Serve as resource for understanding the cultural perspectives and backgrounds of patients and families who utilize the services of Cincinnati Children's. Assist administration with the coordination and responsible integration of outside agencies that may offer adjunct services to LEP patients and families. Interface in a professional manner and role model with all contracted interpreters who may provide their services at CCHMC in order to ensure consistent quality and efficiency of care. Collaborate with administration on special projects, workshops and/or in-service education as identified and appropriate.
·Ethical and Interpersonal competency
Understands and abides by hospital policies on patient confidentiality, informed consent, non-discrimination and by the interpreter's code of ethics and standards of practice. Projects positive attitude about the department and the hospital, and offers services to ensure positive experiences. Self-corrects, understands own linguistic limitations, seeks clarification and accepts correction. Diffuses conflict between parties by remaining calm and impartial yet knowing when to intervene as intercultural mediator when communication is compromised by culture-bound messages. Uses culturally appropriate behavior and is able to choose appropriate time to clarify or interject by respecting the goals of the encounter while respecting own personal values, beliefs and cultural characteristics. Readiness to acknowledge these elements when considering to withdrawing from encounters where these factors may interfere with successful interpretation. Avoids generalizations and stereotyping.
Account for all the time spent at the job performing interpreting and non-interpreting related duties utilizing approved hardware and software designated by management.
Maintain currency in the field by attending continuing education/training/certification or accreditation that is available and appropriate to maintain the highest standards for delivery of service. Assists the department with on-the-job training of new hires and mentoring of interpreter students as needed.
·VRI Productivity
Provide Video Remote Interpreting services for internal and external providers as well as LEP clients following departmental guidelines and expectations to measure productivity. Specifically, the following metrics are to be used to measure such activities and assign a rating taking into consideration the amount of time spent delivering VRI.

Skills & Competencies
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency.
·Professional Knowledge
Strong Nepali language skills with particular emphasis in the medical field. Enjoys contact with patients and families as well as health care providers. Capable of working effectively patients/families experiencing difficult circumstances, undue stress and even loss.
Diplomacy and professional demeanor, and has a working understanding of professional boundary issues.
Understanding of language as an expression of culture, recognizing the underlying assumptions of each party about medicine, the encounter, the illness etc.; uses this understanding to empower patient and provider to better understand each other thus serving as a cultural and linguistic resource to both patients and providers in order to contribute to positive outcomes.
Working cooperatively with others to achieve group goals; proactively adjusting one's style and efforts to complement those of others on the team; being pleasant, agreeable, and easy to work with; valuing group success as much or more than individual success.
·Clerical Ability
Ability to perform additional clerical functions with accuracy and attention to detail.
·Time Management
Prioritization and time-management skills sufficient to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
Willingness and ability to travel to other hospital locations as necessary.
·Computer Proficiency-Basic
Proficiency in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office, e-mail and internet.

·Associate's Degree OR equivalent
·2 years of related experience
·Third party language assessment to evaluate written proficiency in target language
·Successful completion of language assessment to evaluate medical interpreting skills
·Familiarity and ability to work with diversity of cultural/socio-economic backgrounds
·Driver's License

·Bachelor's degree in any area related to science or human services
·National medical interpreter certification
·1 year of general interpreting experience
·Healthcare experience
·Previous medical interpretation experience