MONITOR TECH - Liberty TCC, 12 hours/week, PM shift

DEPARTMENT: Patient Services

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Clinical Director, Manager



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To monitor physiologic waveforms, video streaming, and other advanced technologies in order to enhance patient safety on in-patient pediatric units. To serve as a communication conduit for members of the multidisciplinary in responding to emergency situations. To anticipate unit needs and to orchestrate simple-to-complex coordination of information systems, environmental, admitting, and clerical activities.

·Monitor Observation
Continuously observes and accurately recognizes actionable conditions on the cardio-respiratory and video monitors. Reliably detects changes from patient baseline (cardio-respiratory) and observational changes of actual patient (via video) and reports the changes to caregiver. Systematically scans and interprets screens. Utilizes appropriate algorithm in response to monitor interpretation. Distinguishes artifact from valid waveforms. Is able to differentiate life threatening changes. Ensures timely caregiver response to alarm situations. Validates/documents appropriateness of alarm settings, according to age specifications or order with RN caregiver each shift. Participates in daily high level review with clinical staff Maintains on-going documentation of monitor pattern during MRT/code situations. Monitors sound levels and intervenes real time to promote healing environment. Runs/analyzes decibel reports. Works collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team to reduce noise levels. Orchestrates home video connections for families per guidelines. Gives thorough report to covering individuals.
Promptly and effectively communicates significant cardiopulmonary events or impending safety risks to RN/RT. Keeps audio station open during emergency situations and responds to requests. Seeks counsel from clinical staff if alarm parameters need to be altered. Gives report to covering individuals. Utilizes SBAR communication technique when interacting with caregivers responds to alarm status. Demonstrates the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) CARES behaviors in all interactions with patients, families, visitors and co-workers by actively participating as a front-line example of extraordinary customer service and satisfaction; and interacts with parents/guardians to obtain non-clinical information as requested. Ensures and reviews timeliness, accuracy, availability and security of information (i.e. HIPAA, Informed Consent, Advanced Directive for patients 18 or older) as defined by CCHMC's mission, applicable laws, and regulations. Has in-depth knowledge of HIPAA standards and fosters application to clinical practice. Properly responds to phone calls, nurse call system, internal and external customers, and calls placed on hold; and when necessary, takes a clear and concise message that is relayed in a timely manner.
·Environmental Management
Keeps Clinical Engineering aware of all monitor equipment malfunctions. Establishes and follows up on information systems and broken equipment issues. Ensures that within the division, all areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for patients, families, visitors, and employees. Maintains awareness of patient location and monitors traffic flow at the front desk and on the unit. Assists with compliance of visitor policies and applying arm bands for parents/caregivers. Reports maintenance (wiping down monitors, troubleshooting printer issues, logging off information, etc.) and environmental service needs to appropriate division and follows-up to assure completion. Collaborates with clinical, admitting, information systems and environmental services staff to coordinate efficient patient flow.
·Clerical Duties
Demonstrates proficient practice in the operation and maintenance of unit information systems to include: medical record integrity, forms management, timely response to faxes, printed material, mail, and accuracy of patient data, timely completion of admissions, discharges, transfers and short stay documentation. Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and accountability with respect to patient charges/rental equipment, CCHMC charge capture procedures, and ensures that unit maintains a designated par level of clerical supplies. Reviews and revises staffing information.
·Innovation and Improvement
Pursueinnovative approaches and scrutinizes practices to improve workflow. Fosters a positive work environment by maintaining smooth and efficient unit flow and is influential in encouraging unit/staff participation in the development of workflow improvement opportunities. Demonstrates teamwork.

Skills & Competencies
·Clerical Abilities
Ability to perform clerical functions with accuracy and attention to detail
·Service Orientation
Demonstrating concern for customer needs and issues; patiently tolerating rudeness and anger and responding with tact and empathy; showing persistent enthusiasm during customer interactions
·Independent Decisions
Willing and capable of independently making decisions
Recognizing when sufficient information has been obtained to make a decision; evaluating available alternatives and using sound thought processes and relevant experience to make the optimal choice in a timely manner; making difficult decisions even in highly ambiguous situations
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
·Medical Terminology - Advanced
Advanced knowledge of medical terminology
·Computer Proficiency
Proficiency in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), e-mail, and internet
Challenging the status quo and seizing opportunities to enhance work processes and outcomes; voluntarily seeking new or extra responsibilities and challenges; going beyond what is expected; proactively delving into work without hesitation
·Communication - Advanced
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

·High School Graduate OR Equivalent
·Graduate of an accredited program in Medical Assisting OR
·Emergency Med Tech-Basic OR
·Completion of a NAHUC recognized program OR Listing on the State of OH State Tested Nurse's Aide (STNA) registry OR RN student nurse with completion of one medical-surgical clinical rotation AND 1 year of experience as a Cincinnati Children's HUC/PCAI OR Two years of related hospital experience
·Pass CCHMC provided Monitor Tech Class

·Basic EKG interpretation skills