Medical Information REGISTERED NURSE - Medical Vigilance Solutions - Full-time

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To function as a professional Registered Nurse in a call room setting and to apply theoretical knowledge to the care of infant, child, adolescent and adult patients and clients. To demonstrate competence in nursing skills, problem solving and priority setting. To recognize the need for professional growth and to take appropriate steps toward continuous improvement. .

·Compliance - Patient Services Staff
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Support leadership in Compliance efforts to meet and sustain the regulatory compliance efforts of the department and hospital. Be mindful and judicious in monitoring safety and departmental policies and procedures. Ensure all individual certifications and Safety College requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Work with department managers, nurse council and magnet representatives to identify and share safety best practices. Be mindful of CCHMCs processes and compliance with CMS standards and freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership team members.
·Interprofessional Practice:
Demonstrates consistent integration of the Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM) in all aspects of practice.
·Patient Care - Age Specific and Culturally Diverse
Consistently integrates age specific and culturally diverse concepts into patient care, taking into consideration both the patient's chronological age and developmental functioning.
·Clinical Judgment
Collects clinical data; follows algorithms, decision trees, protocols and guidelines; matches formal knowledge with clinical events to make appropriate decisions; uses available resources as needed; recognize personal limitations and obtain appropriate medical consultations as necessary.
Operates and strives for the highest quality work
Aids and promotes a culture of teamwork; demonstrates flexibility by working varying shifts and responding to unanticipated events.
Maintain complete, accurate records of all calls to provide a medical record and statistics for data collection; maintain strict patient confidentiality according to CCHMC and HIPAA
·Systems Thinking
Sees the pieces or components; sees self as key resource to support the family through healthcare experience; effectively communicates with other staff members and clients.
·Facilitation of Learning:
Provides structured education base on the plan of care goals and the needs of the patient and family; assists with peer and student learning experiences through mentorship and training activities; performs patient education as relevant to each call and situation
·Response to Diversity:
Assesses cultural diversity; recognizes the potential impact of culture of the patient / family experience.
·Response to Diversity
Is receptive to the contributions of the interdisciplinary team in team meetings and discussion regarding patient issues; demonstrates openness to coaching and mentoring from others and to others.
·Clinical Inquiry:
Implements changes and research-based practices developed by others; recognizes the need for further learning to improve patient care; recognizes routine or obvious changing patient situation (e.g. deterioration, crisis).
·Shared Governance:
Participates in shared governance at the point-of-care as a member of unit-based councils or by demonstrating awareness and contributing to shared decision making (reading minutes, giving feedback, and implementing council decisions).
·Advocacy and Moral Agency:
Works on behalf of patient and family; assesses personal values; aware of ethical conflicts / issues that may surface in clinical settings; makes ethical / moral decisions based on rules; represents patient when patient cannot represent self; aware of patient's rights; demonstrates ethical behavior, loyalty, honesty, and integrity
·Performance Appraisal
Completes 360 degree feedback for peers and self evaluation to ensure care delivery of decisions are based on safe and ethical practice using the nursing practice.

Skills & Competencies
·Professional Knowledge
Professional knowledge of the growth and development process of pediatric and adult patients and clients. Possess interest and willingness to broaden knowledge and skills in nursing practice. Capable of identifying own strengths and weaknesses and seeking appropriate resources
Proficiency with various software application programs
·Work Initiative
Detail oriented. Excellent customer service and communication.
·Interpersonal Communication
Strong written and oral communication skills. Professionalism through phone interaction
Capable of relating to diverse age and demographic backgrounds
·Team Work
Perform well independently while contributing to the overall success of the team
Able to multi-task with excellent time management skills
Able to work a flexible schedule
Experience with providing and receiving coaching and feedback
Able to encourage, motivate and provide recognition

·BSN from ACEN or CCNE accredited institution or MSN
·Associate/Diploma prepared RNs from ACEN or CCNE accredited institution with 2 years exp.
·If hired as an external candidate without BSN or MSN, must enroll in a BSN or MSN program within 1 year of hire date and complete program within 5 years of hire date
·Other state licensure may be required for specific positions
·H-1B visa sponsorship is not available

·BSN from ACEN or CCNE accredited institution or MSN