MEDICAL ASSISTANT, Hours are Monday-Friday 0800-2100 can be 12 hours or 8 hours shifts. Weekends are both Sat and Sun employees work 1 weekend shift in six weeks from 0830-1300.


SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Clinical Manger and/or Clinical Director, may have a matrix reporting Physician (Medical Director).



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To assist the Ambulatory Centers in the delivery of health care and patient care management for a Specialty Care Center dedicated to the care of infants, children, adolescents, and adults

·Compliance - Patient Services Staff
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Support leadership in Compliance efforts to meet and sustain the regulatory compliance efforts of the department and hospital. Be mindful and judicious in monitoring safety and departmental policies and procedures. Ensure all individual certifications and Safety College requirements are fulfilled in a timely basis. Work with department managers, nurse council and magnet representatives to identify and share safety best practices. Be mindful of CCHMCs processes and compliance with CMS standards and freely communicate safety and compliance concerns to leadership team members.
·Patient Care - Age Specific and Culturally Diverse
Consistently integrates age specific and culturally diverse concepts into patient care, taking into consideration both the patient's chronological age and developmental functioning.
·Family Centered Care
Provides care consistent with the family-centered care and medical home models. Insures that care is provided in a manner that is flexible, culturally competent and responsive to the needs of the patient and family. Families are treated as full partners and included in all decision making regarding their child's care. This includes offering information, services and support in manner that is collaborative and respectful. Prepare patients for examination and treatment. Perform height, weight and vital signs measurements, venipuncture, laboratory tests, vision and hearing screening, immunizations, prick skin testing, apply dressings, intradermal skin testing, patch testing, other injections and catheterization. Assist care providers with procedures and physical exams of patients. Administer aerosol treatments and other medications as ordered. Obtain, label and send specimens to laboratories. Assist in point of care program for the center, perform point of care tests and required documentation. Performs patient care interventions as designated by department.
·Fiscal Responsibility
Order supplies from Peoplesoft and Storeroom. Order non-stock items as needed and check monthly with invoice statement. Insures that all patient chargeable items are charged. Appropriately documents removal of medications and immunizations from Pyxis.
·Learning and Development
Develop knowledge and professional skills through cross-training, literature and attendance at department meetings and all CCHMC required training.
Working with others (patients, families, and healthcare providers) in a way that promotes/encourages each person's contribution. Works to create a positive environment for patients , families and co-workers. Flexes duties to meet daily needs of the department. Perform registration and scheduling activities as needed.
·Quality Improvement
Participate in improving departmental performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, supporting new processes, collecting data and providing input to department improvement projects.
Presents status or changes in patient condition on an ongoing basis. Documents information appropriately in patient medical record. Communicate with patients, families and employees in courteous manner. Ensures that patient/family communication is unbiased, cultural competent and explained in a way that the family understands. Responds promptly to requests by patients, families and employees. Offer assistance to co-workers after completion of own duties. Take measures to ensure confidentiality of patients, families and employees. Participates in identification and resolution of work situations in conjunction with staff or designee.
Coordinates and assists with the timely flow of patients and families. Monitors individual patient cycle times to insure that patients are seen and treated as quickly and appropriate as possible and that rooms are turned over as quickly as possible. Identifies bottle necks and works independently or as a team to resolve or remove.
·Environment of Care
Assumes responsibility for orderliness, correct storage of supplies, and communication with environmental services for maintaining a clean and safe environment. Prepare examining rooms, weigh stations and work rooms daily, restocking as necessary. Assist in the maintenance of clinic equipment, including the washing of instruments, toys and preparation of other supplies. Understands and adheres to all applicable TJC and OSHA standards.

Skills & Competencies
Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
·Follow Instructions - Adv
Ability to follow complex written and verbal instructions
Possess finger dexterity, manual dexterity and motor coordination necessary to manipulate necessary tools/objects
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency
Strong organizational and project management skills to handle projects independently.
·Professional Demeanor
Demonstrates an independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, tact and professional demeanor
·Time Management
Prioritization and time-management skills sufficient to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills

·High School Graduate OR equivalent
·Two (2) years of MA experience
·<2 years must have one of the following designations:
·CMA - Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA)
·RMA - Registered Medical Assistant (AMT)
·CCMA - Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (NHA)
·Completion of a formal medical services training program of the U.S. armed forces AND One of the above listed designations obtained within one year of hire