MEDICAL ASSISTANT- DDBP- Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics





PURPOSE OF POSITION: To assist in the delivery of health services for a Medical Center dedicated to the care of infants, children, adolescents and adults.

·Family Centered Care
Prepare patients for examination and treatment. Take patient history. Perform height, weight and vital signs measurements, venipuncture, laboratory tests, vision and hearing screening, immunizations, other injections and catheterization. Assist care providers with procedures and physical exams of patients. Administer aerosol treatments and other medications as ordered. Call prescriptions into pharmacies as directed by physicians. Perform suture removal; apply dressings. Perform procedures and collect data regarding patient care. Maintain, support and monitor an established patient-specific plan for care, treatment and rehabilitation.
·Patient Flow
Assist with telephone and in-person screening. Coordinates and assists with the timely flow of patients and families.
Prepare examining rooms, weigh stations and work rooms daily, restocking as necessary.
Order from Cincinnati Children's Central Supply, Pharmacy and Storeroom. Order non-stock items as needed and check monthly with invoice statement. Assist in the maintenance of clinic equipment, including the washing of instruments, toys and preparation of other supplies.
Manage records per department policy. Assist with collection of data for various forms. Obtain consent and release of information forms when indicated. Maintain patient files, records and other information. Accurate and detailed data entry and document management. Demonstrate adherence to established documentation practices.
·Laboratory Work & Testing
Manage specimens per protocols. Maintain knowledge of all routine testing processes. Retrieve test results. Communicate normal lab results as appropriately delegated.
·Quality Improvement
Promote and respond with a spirit of inquiry and continuous quality improvement. Participate in improving departmental performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, supporting new processes, collecting data and providing input to department improvement projects.
Working with others (patients, families, and healthcare providers) in a way that promotes/encourages each person's contribution. Flexing duties to meet daily needs of the department. Perform registration and scheduling activities as needed.
·Clinical Service Delivery
Provide proficient technical and clinical services based on CCHMC policy and best practice guidelines. Conduct drug testing, venipuncture, laboratory tests, vision and hearing screening, immunizations, intradermal skin testing. Assist care providers with procedures and physical exams of patients and manage patient flow. Track completion of new hire requirements and communicate and manage non-compliance. Participate in mass pre-hire post-offer processing of various employee and Non-CCHMC employee groups. Assist with review of Non-CCHMC immunizations and health history as well as surveillance initiatives and annual TB and Flu campaigns. Execute protocols for radiology and laboratory tests and screenings. Participate in inventory and procurement of medical supplies and medications to maintain acceptable par levels.
·Phone Calls
As per the discretion of the unit, Medical Assistants could pend medication prescription refills. Medical Assistants can collect information and assist in processing of forms. Medical Assistants can assist with non-triage phone calls.
·Customer Service
Provide customer service at an exemplary level to internal and external customers recognizing that Employee Health is the frontline entry into the institution and the first impression for employees. Maintain/manage strong working relationships with clients, colleagues, and other key stakeholders. Respond to requests quickly and effectively. Identify, understand and meet customer needs and expectations.

Skills & Competencies
Excellent verbal, written, telephone and interpersonal communication skills.
·Professional Manner
Possesses a pleasant, sensitive and professional manner.
·Technical Ability
Proficient technical knowledge of medical assisting and ability to provide quality services with dexterity and efficiency. Proficiency in immunizations, various tests and phlebotomy.
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortless adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events. Altering one's approach with minimal loss of efficiency.
·Computer Proficiency
Working knowledge of basic computer applications such as MS Office, email and internet. Basic skill in electronic medical record entry.
·Customer Service
Demonstrating concern for customer needs and issues; patiently tolerating rudeness and anger and responding with tact and empathy; showing persistent enthusiasm during customer interaction.
Ability to work effectively with a team, able to accept and follow complex direction and work effectively in a high pressure organization.
Possess strong organizational skills and attention to detail and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously and maintain accuracy of records management.
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging difference in other's perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself.

Qualifications Required:

•HS diploma or equivalent

•Graduate of a program in Medical Assisting OR successfulcompletion of a formal medical services training program of the US armed forcesOR one (1) year medical assistant experience


•Two (2) years of MA experience in a physician practice ORambulatory setting in the last five years

•Certified, registered or credentialed by an organizationrecognized by the NCCA