Institute Executive Assistant - Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To perform administrative support duties for a division of a Medical Center dedicated to the care of infants, children and adolescents.

Effectively demonstrates communication skills related to conveying information. Develops and maintains efficient internal communication processes to support the activities of the division/organization. Communicates verbally and in writing with executive level personnel. Participates as division/organization representative at meetings, relays relevant information, and provides necessary follow up. Acts as a liaison with external organizations and leaders. Represents the division/organization head as a resource to handle procedural issues, troubleshoot issues, take action and communicates results back to the appropriate person. Diffuses crises or critical situations in the absence of manager. Acts as a gatekeeper, directing people appropriately, deciding upon priority of requests/situations, and escalating as needed to responsible manager. Takes ownership of issues and concerns communicated to the division/organization and provides follow-up to bring issues to conclusion. Perseveres to bring issues to conclusion. Ensures appropriate operational information regarding the division/organization is communicated to appropriate staff. Speaks in public as a representative of the division/organization.
·Office Equipment and Supplies
Effectively demonstrates skills related to operating office equipment and maintaining equipment and supplies
·Information Systems
Effectively demonstrates skills related to the use of a variety of software and information systems.
Effectively demonstrates skills related to coordination of work, schedules, activities, information, and processes. Prioritizes tasks. Schedules travel including multiple individuals and locations taking into account budget, travel preferences and time constraints. Acts independently with limited information to integrate multiple complex calendars for cabinet level individuals to fulfill internal and external commitments. Schedules and coordinates conferences, meetings and interviews using judgment about time management and time constraints. Continually adjusts to changing priorities that have broad organizational impact and ensure appropriate follow-up. Supports complex projects and processes from concept through completion that have organizational impact and/or external constituents. Establishes and implements reporting systems. Establishes office procedures and initiates development of related policies, practices and services. Manage e-mail correspondence and establishes priority. Independently identifies resources and practical processes for completing projects; makes recommendations to appropriate personnel.
·Writing and Editing
Effectively demonstrates skills related to composition of documents. Initiates correspondence as division representative in response to requests of cabinet level individual. Takes and prepares minutes, reviews, and distributes independently. Prepares board packets. Researches data and compiles reports. Composes and edits documents such as newsletters and proposals.
·Fiscal and Human Resources
Effectively demonstrates skills related to the completion and processing of forms, documents, and reports. Prepares HR forms for signature. Independently reconciles complex expense reports including multiple currencies and accounts. Assists with annual budget preparation.

Skills & Competencies
Using time efficiently and productively; prioritizing multiple tasks properly to meet deadlines; recognizing time constraints and adjusting work schedule to address them.
Excellent writing, editing and related computer skills
·Independent Decisions
Willing and capable of independently making decisions
Recognizing when sufficient information has been obtained to make a decision; evaluating available alternatives and using sound thought processes and relevant experience to make the optimal choice in a timely manner; making difficult decisions even in highly ambiguous situations
·Coaching and Development
Accurately assessing others' strengths and developmental needs; giving informative and constructive feedback in a manner that enhances others' motivation; providing challenging assignments and opportunities for development; helping others overcome setback
·Conflict Management
Successfully identifying, confronting, defusing and resolving interpersonal conflicts and disagreements in a positive and constructive manner; building consensus among others with very different perspectives
·Strategic/Systems Thinking
Formulating credible, effective, long-range strategies to attain overarching organizational objectives; anticipating future trends, as well as potential threats or opportunities; accurately predicting how strategies will play out
·Critical Thinking
Using inductive and deductive reasoning to formulate general rules or principles and apply them to work; identifying flaws in logical reasoning; understanding complex conceptual relationships; accurately detecting underlying themes or patterns in data
·Problem Solving
Ability to independently work through details of a problem to reach a positive solution
Uses specialized knowledge and experience to make complicated domestic and international travel arrangements

·High School Diploma or equivalent and 7 years related experience OR
·Bachelor's or equivalent combination of education and experience

·Vocational or continuing education in office services and knowledge of medical terminology