PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide specific, measurable, and individualized therapeutic intervention/service in collaboration with other treatment/service providers that assists the child or adolescent in developing the necessary self-management skills to be competent in daily functioning within the family, school and community.

·Direct Therapeutic Intervention to Client & Family
Participate or assist in the development of client-specific plan of service. Provide therapeutic intervention according to the plan of service, including needed frequency. Communicate the plan of service, goals, objectives, and expected outcomes with clients and their families. Complete required documentation that corresponds to the plan of service, accurately and in a timely manner.
Work collaboratively/cooperatively with others to achieve goals. Proactively adjust one's style and/or efforts to complement those of others. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with clients, families, CCHMC colleagues and colleagues within the local community. Share knowledge and/or provide support for team members. Contribute to and promote a positive and professional work environment/atmosphere.
·Communication-Client, Family, Colleagues
Communicate with clients, families and colleagues in courteous manner. Respond promptly to requests by clients, families and colleagues. Provide emotional support to client and families as needed.
·Procedures 1
Understand and apply appropriate policies and procedures for work flow within Epic, including accurately implementing Epic Prelude, Epic Cadence and Epic Ambulatory. Perform dedicated duties on a timely basis.

Skills & Competencies
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills with clients, families and colleagues within CCHMC and the local community.
·Interpersonal Skills-Advanced
Strong interpersonal skills with clients, families and colleagues within CCHMC and the local community.
·Independence & Teamwork
Work with little supervision or assistance; directing one's own efforts, including developing a work schedule that meets the needs of clients and their families. Ability to work both independently and in a team environment.
·Time Management
Prioritization and time management skills sufficient to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
·Work Ethic
Working hard to conscientiously and thoroughly complete work; pushing oneself to successfully continue working on a task in the face of obstacles or setbacks; working continuously and intensely over long periods of time
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself

·Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Psychology, or related field

·Bachelor's degree and 1 year of related experience
·Master's degree