DEPARTMENT: Employee Health

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Nurse Manager, Employee Health

COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Senior Director Employee Health, Employee Health Operations Manager, Absence Management, Workers Compensation, Employee Health staff, Infection Control, Health & Safety Staff, Human Resources, CCHMC Employees, and Vendor partners.



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To perform professional nursing duties for the Employee Health Department of a Medical Center dedicated to the care of infants, children and adolescents. To function as a professional nurse applying theoretical knowledge to the case management of CCHMC employees.

·Program Responsibilities
Clinical supervision of the Blood Borne Pathogen and Injury Management Programs in concert with 803.SAFE. Responsible for the clinical supervision of the DOT driver program and other required surveillance programs to identify and mitigate risk to the institution. Responsible for the clinical supervision and coordination of the Fitness-for-Duty program. Responsible for the management of infectious illness and infectious exposures in coordination with Infection Control department. Provide Triage and coordination of case management of work related illness, injury, and blood borne pathogen exposures in concert with 803-SAFE. Engages in health promotion teaching. Participates in clinic activities as needed to include: pre-hire, post offer reviews, drug testing, TB placement, blood draws. Provide assessment for medical surveillance, conduct vision and hearing tests. Participate in mass pre-hire post offer processing of various employee and Non CCHMC employee groups.
·Program Responsibilities (continued)
Assist with review of Non CCHMC health history and medical records, as well as surveillance initiatives and annual Tb and Flu campaigns. Evaluate radiology and laboratory tests and screenings and execute appropriate protocols based on findings. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by making appropriate nursing decisions, prioritizing both planned and unplanned events, and proactively addressing potential and actual problems. Demonstrate knowledge of disease and immunization related issues. Effectively communicate risk to employees. Support Employee Health Nurse Manager with supervision of day to day clinical operations.
·Clinical Service Delivery
Provide proficient Occupational Health nursing care based on CCHMC policy and best practice guidelines. Utilize clinical expertise to achieve quality outcomes in a cost-effective manner. Supports the FML, Short Term Disability, Return to Work, and ADA products with the Absence Management Team. Reviews leave of absence documentation provided by physicians, other healthcare providers, and third-party payer to achieve appropriate utilization of benefits plan. Prepares background and medical data for use in committee review and related processes.
·Clinical Service Delivery (continued)
Monitors and evaluates care delivery and employee responses to ensure critical and/or recovery is following normal and customary courses. Identifies gaps in care and contributes to the improvement and design of programs, policies and procedures that help prevent harm to employees. Maintains appropriate contact with all associates on leave and coordinates all aspects of return to work for associates on leave. Works closely with the Absence Management, Employee Relations and Workers Compensation teams. Ability to analyze information and convert related activities into a comprehensive work plan
Maintain all employees' records in a confidential manner. Accurate and detail oriented data entry and document management. Demonstrates adherence to established documentation practices.
·Performance Improvement
Promote and respond with a spirit of inquiry and continuous quality improvement. Engage in improvement efforts by participating in the solution of the problems. Monitor and ensure compliance with state, regulatory and certifying entities. Participate in monitoring clinical service delivery and customer satisfaction. Promote the concepts of quality management and evidenced based practice. Precept and mentor new department employees and Occupational Health Students.
·Customer Service
Provide customer service at an exemplary level to internal and external customers recognizing that Employee Health is the frontline entry into the institution and the first impression for employees. Maintain/manage strong working relationships with clients, colleagues, and other key stakeholders. Respond to requests quickly and effectively. Identify and understand customer needs and expectations and meet them.

Skills & Competencies
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency
·Independence and Teamwork
Ability to work autonomously, with independent judgment, as well as in a collaborative team environment.
·Communication - Advanced
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
·Clinical Knowledge and Ability
Professional knowledge and clinical abilities to provide assessment and recommendations of complex patients. Extensive knowledge of regulations, procedures and best practices in the field of occupational health nursing, infection control and leave of absences, including Workers Compensation, FMLA, ADAA, and state and local regulations.
·Clinical Judgement
Recognizing when sufficient information has been obtained to make a decision; evaluating available alternatives and using sound thought processes and relevant experience to make the optimal choice in a timely manner; making difficult decisions even in highly ambiguous situations. Ability to analyze information and convert related activities into a comprehensive work plan.
·Computer Proficiency
Proficient knowledge of computer applications such as Microsoft Office, e-mail and internet. Proficient skill in electronic medical record entry.
Possess strong organization skills and attention to detail and ability to effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously and maintain accuracy of records management.
·Information Analysis
(Critical Thinking)-Proficient: Locating and gathering relevant information; recognizing and working to eliminate important gaps in existing information; determining the value of the information; synthesizing and organizing information to get a better understanding of a problem.
·Customer Service
Demonstrating concern for customer needs and issues; patiently tolerating rudeness and anger and responding with tact and empathy; showing persistent enthusiasm during customer interaction.

·Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) with current license to practice in the State of Ohio
·ADN, Associates of Science in Nursing Degree
·5 yrs exp in Occupational Health, Case/Disability management, or Utilization Review
·Experience with managing regulated national, state & local programs inclusive of FMLA ADAA, Workers Compensation and Return to Work Guidelines.

·BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
·COHN, CCM, or CDMS certification