Document Tech - Health Information Management - Part-time - 3rd Shift - Weekends (Friday & Saturday)

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Responsible for maintenance and retrieval of the medical record in all media, and for converting paper documents into electronic images using electronic scanning technology. Provide training and guidance to newly hired HIM Electronic Document Management Technicians (EDMT). Perform secondary quality review of work performed by newly hired EDMTs until their Initial Work Period is complete.

·Serve as a Resource
Trains newly hired HIM EDMT staff on all aspects of the Enterprise Imaging Process and on all policies and procedures related to maintaining the medical record in all media. Provides support and guidance to newly hired HIM EDMT staff. Perform secondary quality review of work performed by newly hired ECMTs until their Initial Work Period is complete. Provides feedback to management on progress of training. Serves as a resource for newly hired EDMT staff on operating office equipment. Performs equipment checks on cameras, rollers, image guides, etc. to verify the system is operational at the beginning of each shift. Performs basic troubleshooting as a response to failure of technical equipment, engaging additional resources as appropriate.
·Document Imaging/Data Management
Collects and reconciles discharged patient records from Inpatient units and Same Day Surgery. Collects outpatient records from clinical areas and other designated locations. Prepares documents for imaging according to established procedures. Sorts documents according to established prepping procedures. Converts and manages electronic images using electronic scanning technology. Operates scanners to produce high quality electronic images of documents. Uploads images electronically into the Imaging system, upon satisfactory completion of quality review. Identifies issues and initiates discussion to resolve. Prepares boxes of imaged paper records to be sent to offsite storage vendor, including creation of inventory of box content. Adds accounts to ChartMaxx when scanning of clinic shadow records necessitates special account creation.
·Productivity and Quality Assurance
Performs secondary quality review for documents scanned during the training phase for EDMT staff. Performs secondary quality review of documents scanned that meet the destruction schedule. Ensures proper organization and maintenance of the medical record in all media. Maintains production and measurement statistics. Consistently meets department productivity and quality standards. Maintains a neat functional work space that is organized, safe, accessible, and that provides an effective and efficient environment for employees, patients, and families.
·Customer Service
Provides assistance to other CCHMC staff members and customers by: Processing requests for patient information in a manner that adheres to HIPAA and HIM department standards, prioritizing requests for information, and trouble shooting issues. Assists with the appropriate release of patient information, upon request, according to CCHMC and department policies. Demonstrates flexibility in work assignments such that needs of all customers are met. Functions as an effective team member within individual teams and departmental teams. Coordinates requests for information related to research, payment, and healthcare operations.
Effectively demonstrates communication skills related to conveying information. Promptly answers the telephone, acknowledge, greet, and assist any HIM Department customer. Researches information following well defined paths and responds to requests. Prioritizes multiple requests for information. Functions as a resource on Electronic Content and Record Management policy and processes. Acts as a liaison and works effectively with other departments, external agencies, and vendors. Troubleshoots in response to problems and poses solutions. Orient new staff to department. Function as an effective team member within individual teams and department teams.

Skills & Competencies
Using time efficiently and productively; prioritizing multiple tasks properly to meet deadlines; recognizing time constraints and adjusting work schedule to address them.
·Workflow - Basic
Basic understanding of workflow
Expressing oneself verbally in an accurate, understandable, and succinct manner to individuals or groups; using appropriate non-verbal signals to emphasize spoken words; adapting communication style and tone to fit the situation and audience; demonstrating poise during group discussions or formal presentations; holding others' attention; responding clearly and tactfully to questions
·Data Management - Basic
Basic knowledge of data management methodologies and technology sufficient to protect information
Working cooperatively with others to achieve group goals; proactively adjusting one's style and efforts to complement those of others on the team; being pleasant, agreeable, and easy to work with; valuing group success as much or more than individual success
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
·Computer Proficiency
Proficiency in basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), e-mail, and internet
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency
Strong organizational and project management skills to handle projects independently.
·Professional Demeanor
Demonstrates an independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, tact and professional demeanor
·Problem Identification
Identifies problems and asks questions; escalates when appropriate
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Customer Service/Conflict Res
Able to handle sensitive issues and defuse frustrated and/or angry individuals both in person and on the telephone, while recognizing when to escalate to an HIM manager.
·Independence and Teamwork
Ability to work both independently and in a team environment. Participate collaboratively in staff meetings, committees, projects and teams to resolve conflicts and/or meet institutional goals. Is recognized as an informed participant or committee member by peers and HIM management.

·High School Graduate OR equivalent

·Document management/scanning experience
·Two years of experience in an office setting
·Basic knowledge of medical terminology