SUBFUNCTION DEFINITION: Ownership, design,expert support for the broad range of Compensation & Benefit activities andservices

SCOPE: Participate in leading the development; implementation andmaintenance of competitive compensation and reward plans; practices andpolicies


Strategy and Program Development: Assist in the development, implementation andmaintenance of competitive compensation and reward plans, practices andpolicies that support organizational and departmental strategic objectives.Work with HR colleagues and leaders to map short and long term strategies. Makerecommendations to ensure competitive and accurate employee pay practices;develop recommendations and ensure pay practices are in compliance with theregulatory requirements including the FLSA. Evaluate systems and processes andadvocate for improvements to the process. Conduct demographic and financialanalysis to vet out potential design options. Attend and present to departmentand organizational leadership to gain alignment.

Program Implementation: Owns execution of the assigned strategy, plan orprogram through project management including the allocation of resources anddevelopment of meeting cadence, includingresponsibility for executive compensation review and implementation.Work with internal communications to develop and execute communications andresources for employees. Coordinate with internal partners such as: HRBP's,Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, payroll, finance and legal as necessary tooperationalize. Responsible for review and update of the relevant policies forthe area, including the annual review of the policies and updates; facilitateleadership alignment of policy changes; execution of policy changes with HRteams and relevant HR Operations and HRIS partners.

Consultation: Provide consultation to HR staff and leaders concerning thecompensation plans and programs, including executivecompensation review and recommendations. This includes: developing,maintaining and delivering effective communications to HR colleagues, managersand employees on compensation related processes; acting as an expert resourcefor compensation policies, programs and processes; consulting with HR staff andmanagers and provide guidance regarding issues; coordinating and participatingin educational training and updates for the HR team. Meetwith new, promoted and departing senior leaders to review executivecompensation and benefits.

Data Analysis and Systems: Analyze survey data and market trends and makerecommendations in support of the annual salary planning process to maintainexternal market competitiveness. Collaborate with HR colleagues and leaders toreview options and provide recommendations. Perform budget analysis forproposed adjustments. Compile comparative information and provide summary ofanalysis for leadership alignment. Lead the review, implementation, testing andmaintenance of systems and technology to support compensation processes. Support the executive annual processes, including thecompetitive review.

Policies and Governance: Assist with the development of policies andprocedures. Ensure leadership alignment on policy changes and deliver clearcommunication to HR staff, managers and employees. Monitor compliance withcompensation guidelines. Provide consistent and equitable interpretation andadministration of the compensation program. Ensure compliance with externalregulatory requirements and internal policies. Prepare documents forreview by senior leaders for the Leadership Development and CompensationCommittee of the board.


· Bachelor degree in related field
· 5 - 7 years of work experience in a related job discipline, including experience in executive compensation. Advanced excel skills