Construction Specialist - Design, Construction, & Space Management (DCSM) Department

To implement, coordinate and improve new and on-going construction activities within the Construction Services department of a Medical Center dedicated to the care of infants, children, and adolescents. To provide, communicate and implement construction activities to achieve the mission, vision and values of CCHMC.

·Project Management
Manage the day to day scheduling & work flow related initiatives on a project by project basis. Assign priority & monitor the project timelines, budgets, & deadlines. Reports variances in a timely & accurate manner. Organizes project scope & defines project requirements with internal team members & external contractors for implementation. Maintain facility utilization data. Perform improvements to the institution's facilities through structural renovation, equipment replacement and consideration of CCHMC's goals & needs. Identify & initiate necessary actions to resolve structural, chemical electrical, safety, & mechanical engineering problems. Support the Director of Construction Services.
·Budget & Expenses
Prepare, coordinate, evaluate, & manage construction budgets for Construction Services. Capture expenditures & expenses in order to maximize benefits for services supplied. Monitor invoices for accuracy & appropriateness of changes. Review purchases.
·Manage Contractors
Interview contractors. Solicit, receive, & analyze bids. Conduct bidding walk throughs for contracts concerning equipment, maintenance, renovations. Secure approvals as necessary, submit & recommend bids to administration based on economics & feasibility. Act as a liaison with contractors, architects, engineers, & material or equipment suppliers.
·Quality Control
Comply with quality control programs. Ensure that quality control checks are conducted & records are maintained on each procedure. Meet performance criteria for quality control, proficiency testing & reporting of test results. Assure that corrective action is taken & documented on all unaccepted control & proficiency testing results. Ensure that workmanship meets standards and that safety & building regulations are in compliance. Promote both internal & external customer service through the development & implementation of programs & standards which reflect the CARES program.
Comply with policies & procedures that guide & support the provision of services, preventive maintenance, fire protection, inspection, & energy management. Determine, ensure, & document that construction personnel have adequate specific training & orientation, and regularly demonstrate satisfactory levels of competence. Review design development and construction documents for adherence to all Medical Center standards and regulatory agency rules and requirements including city, engineering, building and fire codes, zoning regulations, OSHA requirements, as well as NFPA and TJC. Review the accuracy & thoroughness of design development and construction documents for adherence to the CCHMC Environmental Guidelines. Monitor methods to assure compliance with accrediting & regulatory agencies.

Skills & Competencies
·Quality Improvement
Sound understanding of concepts of quality improvement; capable of developing, implementing, monitoring and acting on quality assessment and improvement controls
Strong organizational and project management skills to handle projects independently.
·Communication - Advanced
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
·Knowledge of Field
Expert knowledge and experience to assume technical, professional, organization and educational responsibilities for directing personnel which perform maintenance, renovations, repair and operations to equipment and facilities used in the care of infants, children and adolescents

·Bachelor's Degree in a related field OR equivalent
·2 years related experience

·Experience in a medical center