CLINICAL MANAGER- Holistic Health/Integrative Care

DEPARTMENT: Division of Child Life and Integrative Care

TITLES SUPERVISED: Holistic Health Specialists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists, and Recreation Therapists



PURPOSE OF POSITION: Provide supervision and clinical direction to clinical and support staff in the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care. Assist in the planning, direction, organization and control of functions for the assigned location(s) in order to meet the fiscal, patient care, research, and teaching needs of the department and medical center. To apply knowledge and skill of integrative medicine practices in caring for the health and wellness needs of infant, child, adolescent, and adult patients and families

·Compliance - Patient Services Management
Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Evaluate area of responsibility for compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards. Identify best practices as well as deficiencies to share with peers and make recommendations for improvement. Participate in the development of corrective action plans to guide needed and sustainable improvements. Provide project leadership, and/or hands-on support for implementation of operational dashboards that allow the area AVP to monitor progress and insure gains are attained and sustained. Ensure that compliance and readiness plans are current. Work with department leaders of Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) and Accreditation Services to improve staff competency, compliance and documentation. Enhance relationships to promote interdisciplinary involvement and knowledge of compliance standards, status, and actions. Track laws, regulations and standards that may affect practice and policies. Work with direct reports to insure that needed changes are made by the effective date of any change(s) in requirements.
·Interprofessional Practice:
Demonstrates consistent integration of the Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM) in all aspects of practice.
·Patient Care - Age Specific and Culturally Diverse
Consistently integrates age specific and culturally diverse concepts into patient care, taking into consideration both the patient's chronological age and developmental functioning.
·Patient Care
Performs comprehensive assessments and treatment/intervention planning of patients and families to identify needs in order to set short and/or long term goals. Implements treatments/interventions utilizing advanced knowledge of normal development and information from appropriate resources. Demonstrates flexibility and creativity while managing complex patient care and other coordinator responsibilities. Demonstrates understanding of various levels and aspects of psycho-social needs of the patient and family and uses that insight to manage patients and families with complex needs. Understands and facilitates the grieving process by providing a nurturing and supportive environment for the parent, caregiver, and/or patient. Utilizes a variety of evidenced based interventions, modifying the plan based on the patient's progress and response to interventions. Follows up on referrals within 48 hours of receiving the referral. Completes required daily/weekly exchange of information and documentation according to division guidelines to insure quality patient care and staff productivity. Demonstrates comprehensive, insightful and timely communication with all members of the healthcare team, including patient, caregivers, and/or parents. Promotes the profession and division at CCHMC and in the community.
Demonstrates understanding of the entire scope of providing service throughout CCHMC. Develops, implements and monitors programs consistent with the medical center's strategic plan. Works collaboratively within the division, the medical center and community agencies to ensure that operations comply with all regulatory standards and exceed the needs and expectations of all customers. Actively participates in Leadership Team meetings to share, discuss and/or problem-solve system-wide trends and issues. Willingly volunteers to serve on Leadership Team task forces to address time-sensitive issues and brings forth suggested resolutions to the group at large. Shares applicable and appropriate information with staff in a timely and consistent manner utilizing a variety of methods. Participates in the design of new programs for assigned locations, initiates implementation and provides ongoing management. Coordinates work schedules of clinical and support staff to ensure optimal customer service considering individuals' skills and departmental needs. Resolves day-to-day customer service issues for the assigned location(s) and addresses issues as needed. Develops positive collaborative relationship with Clinical Directors and Clinical Managers within assigned area(s) to facilitate & sustain optimal operations.
·Staff Supervision and Development
Creates and maintains a climate which stimulates professional growth and development by providing personal and professional mentoring and support to all staff. Identifies, in conjunction with employees, needs for training and development of staff and coordinates with others as appropriate. Ensures completion of applicable competencies and mandatory activities. Creates opportunities for learning and development of clinical expertise that correlates with departmental and individual therapist's needs. Identifies staff responsibilities, standards and professional boundaries by which the therapist will be evaluated. Provides constructive feedback and makes appropriate recommendations for change. Monitors performance of staff, seeks input from others, and provides formal feedback utilizing a variety of methods including completion of performance reviews and performance counseling. Provides informal feedback throughout the performance year. Utilizes formal disciplinary processes when appropriate, seeking the counsel of Human Resource Business Partners when necessary. Ensures that clinical staff maintains standards of practice that conform to state and federal regulations and accrediting standards.
·Recruitment and Orientation
Participates in activities that heighten awareness of the profession. Communicates staffing needs to Clinical Manager, and other Coordinators. Coordinates recruitment and selection process for the assigned location(s) and participates in final hiring decision. Facilitates and oversees orientation process for all assigned new hires identifying appropriate clinical trainers for each competency area. Ensures understanding of policies, procedures and guidelines, identifies required competencies, coordinates schedules and creates/modifies templates in EPIC. Ensures completion of all required training activities prior to end of probationary period.
·Departmental Responsibility
Demonstrates understanding of departmental resources and budgeting process and functions within the fiscal parameters set forth by the department. Allocates resources such as time, materials and staff in accordance with patient care needs and/or departmental goals. Submits requests for supplies according to guidelines. Ensures that work areas are organized, safe and professional in appearance for employees, patients and families. Consistently identifies potential problems, clears barriers, and assumes ownership of problems. Utilizes creativity and flexibility to solve them at the lowest possible level demonstrating accountability of self and others. Consistently models and coaches co-workers in positive interactions and communication. Completes special assignments and projects while maintaining regular workflow. Increases personal and departmental productivity by identifying and implementing new work procedures. Proactively contributes to and encourages a positive work environment.
Engages in multidisciplinary team process, actively participating in effective problem solving, collegial learning and pursuit of best practice. Models and coaches others in dealing with conflicts directly, constructively and tactfully. Models and encourages an atmosphere of cooperation, respect and trust within the team. Proactively responds to day-to-day needs of co-workers and division. Act as a mediator in order to resolve interpersonal conflicts within the division. Acts as a change agent to promote cohesiveness with and among peers and colleagues.

Skills & Competencies
Demonstrate an independent work initiative, sound judgment, advanced leadership skills, diplomacy and a professional demeanor. Possess strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively manage difficult or complex situations.
Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills.
·Professional Knowledge:
Possess expert professional knowledge and clinical ability to develop and implement progressive research, clinical and/or educational programs for the pediatric population. Professional knowledge sufficient to assure quality of care within service areas.
Demonstrate working knowledge of computer technology.
Possess analytical ability sufficient to develop comprehensive staffing plans for assigned location(s) and to manage patient care assignments.
Physical ability and stamina (bending, standing, squatting, moderate lifting and transferring) sufficient to be able to perform patient care and management duties

·Masters Degree in nursing or related health care field
·5 years progressively responsible experience in holistic health profession
·Must hold credentials as Licensed Massage Therapist or Registered Nurse
·Current license to practice in the State of Ohio

·7 years progressively responsible experience in holistic health profession
·Prior holistic health experience within a complex Medical Center