DEPARTMENT: Division of Veterinary Services

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Veterinary Services, Director, Manager, & Supervisor


PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide routine sanitization of equipment used in laboratory animal husbandry for the Veterinary Services Division of a Medical Center dedicated to the care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Provide general sanitization of equipment used for the maintenance of laboratory animals. Operate industrial washing machines and prepare machines for start up and shut down according to standard operating procedures. Maintain assigned work areas in compliance with local, state and federal regulations, AAALAC guidelines, and established standard operation procedures. Follow safety procedures as outlined in standard operations procedures and request help if work deviates from routine.
Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas and/or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data and providing input to department discussions. Participate in the continuing education program. Attend as required CHMC training session, including radiation safety, laboratory safety, bloodborne pathogens, and OSHA. Participate in the continuing education program.

Skills & Competencies
Using time efficiently and productively; prioritizing multiple tasks properly to meet deadlines; recognizing time constraints and adjusting work schedule to address them.
·Service Orientation
Demonstrating concern for customer needs and issues; patiently tolerating rudeness and anger and responding with tact and empathy; showing persistent enthusiasm during customer interactions
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
Possess finger dexterity, manual dexterity and motor coordination necessary to manipulate necessary tools/objects
·Physical Stamina - High
Excellent physical stamina sufficient to perform frequent bending, heavy lifting (up to 50 - 80 lbs.), extensive standing and/or walking.
Setting and accomplishing challenging goals; taking satisfaction and pride in producing high quality work and excelling in one's efforts
Taking responsibility for one's actions and work; accepting the consequences of one's behavior; admitting mistakes
Being open to change and considerable variety in work activities; effortlessly adjusting to new or changing situations and unexpected events; altering one's approach to tasks and projects with minimal loss of efficiency
·Independence and Teamwork
Ability to work autonomously, with independent judgment, as well as in a collaborative team environment.
Strong organizational and project management skills to handle projects independently.
·Positive Outlook
Believing good things are likely to happen and that one's actions will result in positive outcomes; demonstrating optimism in all circumstances; avoiding cynicism and remaining hopeful; believing the best of people and one's circumstances; demonstrating satisfaction at work.
·Professional Demeanor
Demonstrates an independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, tact and professional demeanor
·Work Ethic
Working hard to conscientiously and thoroughly complete work; pushing oneself to successfully continue working on a task in the face of obstacles or setbacks; working continuously and intensely over long periods of time
·Analysis - Basic
Analytical ability sufficient to evaluate data, make judgments and recommendations
·Safety Orientation
Ability to ensure that work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for employees, patients and families; ability and motivation to attend required Cincinnati Children's safety training sessions and apply lessons learned
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills

·High School Graduate OR Equivalent

·Work experience with mechanical equipment
·AALAS certification