Biologic Therapy Portfolio Manager - Center for Technology Commercialization

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Manage and implement commercial strategy of intellectual property of a certain technology category generated at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), including disclosure identification and evaluation, patent strategy, licensing and commercialization. Closely work with faculty, providing guidance and support to advance select technologies.

Regularly meet with investigators in assigned divisions to stay abreast of their research. Work with investigators to educate investigators about the commercialization of research. Determine when research should be protected and marketed or determine when pieces of an investigator's research can be developed into a commercializable product. Help the investigator understand the process and the value of technology commercialization. Provide support in all aspects of technology transfer to all CHMC employees. Identify new technologies.
Evaluate disclosed technologies for patenting and commercialization potential. Valuation of select technologies. Develop and implement marketing and patenting plans for inventions. Draft and negotiate term sheets, options, licenses and other agreements. Manage all active agreements.
Work with our marketing and business development team to determine if there is a market need for technologies in progress and analyze if the market can support the technology. If a market need exists, assess the size of the market, the value of the technology, existing technologies/products, and identify businesses interested in the technology.
Facilitate interactions between research and industry. Educate the academic community about technology transfer and intellectual property. Participate in local and regional business groups to foster community economic development. Initiate partnerships to develop technologies internally and externally. Serve as a mentor for the Technology Associate by providing opportunities for that team member to learn about the responsibilities and duties of a Technology Manager.
Provide technology and commercial insight to the Patent Manager who will perform the following tasks: Draft and file documents required by USPTO. Manage all active patents. Identify opportunities to improve portfolio management and establish SOPs as appropriate. Lead in-house patent-related processes to ensure the completion of all necessary requirements during the patent prosecution lifecycle. Serve as the point of contact with external patent counsel regarding office actions, filing documents, billing matters, etc. Collaborate with counsel to optimize the processes between the CTC and the law firms. Provide drafts of patent applications and office action responses to external counsel, along with other necessary filing documents. Attend relevant educational events and share leanings with the CTC and others at CCHMC. Facilitate interactions between CCHMC investigators and external counsel.
Follow policies and procedures governing the handling of confidential information as defined by Cincinnati Children's mission and applicable laws and regulations. Review timeliness, accuracy, availability and security of information. Maintain currency in field through continuing education, literature and seminars. Implement this knowledge into the department. Develop knowledge and professional skills through cross-training, literature and attendance at department meetings. Participate in professional associations and attend conferences and training classes as appropriate to enhance technology transfer expertise. Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data and providing input to department discussions. Ensure that work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for employees. Attend required Cincinnati Children's training sessions. Participate in establishing job requirements and goals; Provide education to personnel through structured presentations and unstructured interactions. Understands, adheres to and models Core Standards as defined organizationally and specifically within the department/unit.
·Specializationin Biologic and Cell Therapies
Understand and strategize towards industry specific milestones for commercialization. Advise faculty on commercial path. Seek to drive technologies in the portfolio to a milestone that it becomes attractive to the asset acceleration team
Maintain accurate records in institutional systems to track intellectual property, disclosures, and agreements. Ensure assessments are completed for proper government and funding reporting. Engage with funding agencies as necessary and negotiate for proper revenue sharing.

Skills & Competencies
Ability to apply critical thinking skills to process and manage a portfolio of technologies, contracts, and patents that result in valuable intellectual property and commercialized products
Excellent communications skills and the ability to work with others in a respectful and tactful manner
Ability to work as a team member, including contributing to projects and meetings. Understand what is expected and required, and deliver quality results/input in a timely and productive manner. Willingness to compromise to achieve an optimal result consistent with team expectations and business partner needs
Demonstrate organizational, prioritization, and time management skills to ensure proper management of a significant portfolio and adequate contribution to group activities
Ability to understand and follow standard operating procedures, while recognizing exceptions to the SOPs. Work with the team to learn and optimize standard operating procedure and use critical thinking skills to make decisions that limit risk and meet business needs
Maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times

·Bachelor of Biomedical Science OR Related Discipline
·Advanced degree in biomedical sciences, business, law, or related discipline
·3 years of related experience

·Ph.D. in biomedical sciences OR related discipline