DEPARTMENT: Patient Services

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Senior Vice President, Patient Services

TITLES SUPERVISED: Sr. Directors, Directors, Administrative Assistants, Managers


PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide strategic and administrative leadership within the Department of Patient Services.

·Compliance - Patient Services Leadership
Participate in and comply with onging regulatory and accreditation readiness activities. Sustain a working understanding of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. Evaluate area of responsibility for compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards. Identify best practices as well as deficiencies to share with peers and make recommendations for improvement. Participate in the development of corrective action plans to guide needed and sustainable improvements. Work with department leaders of Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) and Accreditation Services to improve staff competency, compliance and documentation. Enhance relationships to promote interdisciplinary involvement and knowledge of compliance standards, status, and actions. Track laws, regulations and standards that may affect practice and policies. Work with direct reports to insure that needed changes are made by the effective date of any change(s) in requirements.
·Interprofessional Practice:
Demonstrates consistent integration of the Interprofessional Practice Model (IPM) in all aspects of practice.
·Strategic Planning
Participate in the development and implementation of the Patient Services Strategic Plan aligned with the Medical Center strategic plan. Determine avenues to improve the value (qualitative) of care and services at CCHMC. Develop care and services to attract children outside of our region. Drive Research in associated area of responsibility. Identify and support community outreach and marketing initiatives that may enhance development of new business opportunities. Participate in efforts to refine technology to support patient care.
Provide vision, direction, and leadership to department of Patient Services. Lead program planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts for areas of responsibility both at strategic and tactical level. Maintain personal development plan and provide management development and coaching for other members of the team. Represent CCHMC at state, local and national level through involvement in professional associations and organizations. Participate in community service.
·Human Resource Management
Assure adequate quality and number of staff by assuring adherence to the Patient Services Recruitment and Retention Plan, the Patient Services Diversity plan, and department productivity measures. Maintain a focus on internal talent management and retention. Meet or exceed yearly goals for vacancy and turnover rate. Complete evaluations within the allotted timeframe. Assure that staff and managers are activity engaged in unit, divisional, and organizational shared governance activities as reflected in the minutes and other related documents.
·Financial Management
Assure financial accountability for annual operating and capital expenditures and budgets. Meet yearly goals for contribution margin, percent variance from budget and overtime rate. Assure efficiencies in staffing and resource utilization by comparison with internal and external benchmarks as measured by productivity units appropriate for areas managed.
·Performance Improvement/Safety
Continually assess and improve the performance of care and services provided. Assure continual readiness for regulatory compliance. Maintain an environment that promotes patient safety. Support the CSI structure and other performance improvement activities. Meet annual safety goals as defined by the organizations' CSI structure. Ensure a high level of customer service, including family centered initiatives. Facilitate the development and implementation of evidence based practice and quality efforts. Drive Research in associated area of responsibility.

Skills & Competencies
·Core Competencies
Demonstrated competency and consistent effectiveness in the areas of customer focus, teamwork, job knowledge, and resource management. Job knowledge is demonstrated in the performance of primary duties and responsibilities while the remaining competencies address the manner in which the role is performed.
·Organizational Expectations
Drives excellence in professional practice. Practices within the Medical Center's policies and procedures and the Division of Patient Services' Standards of Practice. Assures the maintenance and implementation of patient safety standards. Serves as a role model for the Medical Center's values through positive patient/guest relations, positive and effective interactions with staff and peers, and formulating and meeting developmental goals.

AVP Patient services


·PHD Nursing or DNP

·10 years related experience with progress leadership role having significant business impact

Must be a nurse as base career