Assistant Professor

Responsibilities: Assistant Professor Clinical with primarily direct patient care of pediatric patients within the scope of the psychology license, education and experience. Participate in safe, effective and compassionate patient care, commensurate with their level of advancement and responsibility. Strong child clinical training with expertise in ADHD Diagnosis and evidence based treatment. Duties will include ADHD assessment, group treatment and participation in Summer Treatment Program for ADHD.

Effective Communication: Provide for the exchange of appropriate patient care and clinical information when patients are admitted, referred, transferred, or discharged.

Skills & Competencies


PhD, PsyD or equivalent degree

Unrestricted licensed psychologist in the state of Ohio

Credentialing from CCHMC's Medical Staff Services

Effective verbal and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to relate to diverse educational, age and demographic backgrounds. Professional knowledge and ability sufficient to care for infant, children and adolescent patients. Knowledge of clinical specialty, grown and development, and family-centered care. Demonstrate skill in clinical assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and evidence based therapeutic interventions.


Preferred candidate will have 1-3 years experience post fellowship.