Clinical Activity: 50%

Clinical responsibilities will include a combination of diagnostic evaluations and treatment with children with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders. Psychologist will provide safe and effective patient care for children with developmental-behavioral pediatric conditions and concerns, including functional assessment evaluations, function-based treatment planning, ongoing treatment, and follow-up as part of multidisciplinary team in an outpatient setting.

Research Activity: 50%

Primary Psychologist: Neonatal Research Network.Formerly premature infants are at risk for a wide range of developmental concerns and specific developmental disabilities. CCHMC Perinatal Institute has been a member of the Neonatal Research Network (NRN) for twenty-seven years, participating in a variety of high risk follow-up studies of formerly premature infants, many of which include regular developmental assessments typically conducted, or overseen by, a psychologist. CCHMC NRN team members are seeking to identify a dedicated psychologist to join this established research team.

Responsibilities would include:

• Provide direct administration of clinical and research Bayley

• Develop new ideas for protocols or secondary studies using existing populations or datasets and work to create proposals with Neonatology faculty

• Provide Bayley Scales that are performed for research purposes for NRN and other studies

• Perform the DAS-2 testing for the 5 year follow up studies

• Participate in the newly formed NRN Neuropsychology Core

This role will have 50% research effort attributed to the Neonatal Research Network (NRN) which conducts interventional and observational trials of newborn infants, mostly focused on the preterm population. Trials follow infants to 22-26 months corrected age to evaluate neurodevelopmental outcomes. In addition, the NRN follows all babies born at <27 weeks to 22-26 months, even if not involved in a trial. Increasingly there is interest in longer term follow up. Cincinnati will be participating in the HYBRID study, which evaluates 5 year neurodevelopmental and respiratory outcomes in preterm infants at high risk for chronic lung disease of prematurity. This 5-year visit involves the DAS-2, the Movement ABC, a standardized physical and neurologic exam, and other measures of respiratory outcomes as well as some parental reports (the BRIEF-P, ABAS-3, CBCL). The usual 2 year follow up visit involves the Bayley-3 and a neurologic exam as well as parental reports (CBCL, various study forms on medical outcomes and SES). There is potential for unique protocol development and increased manuscript development using existing data from the NRN. Site psychologist will be listed a key personnel in the NRN grants.

Skills & Competencies


Ph.D. or Psy.D. and license eligible.

Unrestricted licensed Psychologist in the State of Ohio