DEPARTMENT: Contracts & Value Analysis

SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Assistant Vice President Supply Chain




PURPOSE OF POSITION: Responsibility for capital procurement and contracting programs for supported departments. Responsible for the review, analysis, coordination, communication, and administration of GPO and local contracts. Also responsible for making procurement recommendations regarding vendor and product selection, as well as analysis and support for cost saving efforts.

·Contract Administration
Administers and implements all applicable GPO and local contracts. Analyzes product lines and contracting opportunities to determine the most suitable source. Maintains the information on contracts and contracted items. Performs retrospective analysis to ensure that contract pricing is being honored. Provides management with quantified data that illustrates the institution's compliance with its contractual obligations. Analyzes and makes recommendations for addressing non-compliance opportunities. Review completed proposals and cost estimates, projected utilization levels and fulfillment of legal requirements. Oversee contract renewal process. Identifies and effectively resolves problems with/for GPO, CHCA, vendors and customers using available resources. Ensure products and services that have been contracted for meet or exceed standards of compliance for all applicable accreditation and regulatory bodies and commissions.
Coordinates with business partners to negotiate contract terms, i.e., price, tiers, rebates, committed volumes, etc., ensuring that the institution obtains the best total value. Effectively develops and reviews all contracts for acceptable terms
Maintains the library (paper and automated) of all applicable contracts. Serves as the liaison for all contract issues for purchasing staff, customers, business partners and of the hospital group purchasing organization (GPO). Maintains contract documentation and tracks hospital compliance with GPO committed contracts.
Provides cost analyses regarding product impact on departmental budgets. Coordinates product trials, conversion and provides product information and support to inventory and clinical staff. Reviews and analyzes GPO and other contracts for cost savings opportunities. Effectively and consistently analyzes and processes requests for capital expenditures and/or contracted goods and services. Participates in and supports value analysis processes. Provides input into definition of current state and identification of opportunities for cost containment and improvements.
·Process Improvement
Employs knowledge and skills necessary to recommend and support the development of ongoing process improvements for capital procurement and contract management within the department and organization. This includes contract development, negotiation, implementation and compliance. Provide services and consultation in a manner to be regularly and conveniently available to meet the needs of Cincinnati Children's patients as determined by department management and the medical staff. Participate in improving organizational performance through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data, and providing input to department discussions.
Follow policies and procedures governing the handling of confidential information as defined by Cincinnati Children's mission and applicable laws and regulations. Review timeliness, accuracy, availability, and security of information. Maintain currency in field through continuing education, literature, and seminars. Implement this knowledge into the Purchasing department. Ensure that work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective, and efficient environment for employees, patients, and families. Attend required Cincinnati Children's training sessions, including radiation safety, laboratory safety, bloodborne pathogens, and OSHA. Comply with Infection Control policies and procedures. Understand, adhere to, and model Core Standards as defined organizationally and specifically within the department/unit. Perform other duties as assigned.

Skills & Competencies
·Business Analysis Skills
Analyzing business needs for product development; keeping up-to-date on competitors' business practices and using this knowledge to inform business strategies and decisions; writing and documenting business requirements and specifications
Using time efficiently and productively; prioritizing multiple tasks properly to meet deadlines; recognizing time constraints and adjusting work schedule to address them.
·Information Analysis
Locating and gathering relevant information; recognizing and working to eliminate important gaps in existing information; determining the value of the information; synthesizing and organizing information to get a better understanding of a problem
Working cooperatively with others to achieve group goals; proactively adjusting one's style and efforts to complement those of others on the team; being pleasant, agreeable, and easy to work with; valuing group success as much or more than individual success
·Relationship Management
Setting the stage for constructive relationships by being accessible, approachable, and interpersonally engaged; developing and sustaining meaningful and productive bonds with others based on mutual respect
·Knowledge of Field - Intrm
Knowledge of regulations, procedures and best practices in field
·Professional Knowledge/Ability
Professional knowledge and ability sufficient to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the position
·Decisive Leadership
Taking responsibility for guiding others' actions and providing direction to a group; stepping forward to take the lead in addressing difficult issues and making tough judgment calls
·MS Office - Intermediate
Proficient in Microsoft Office programs
·Professional Demeanor
Demonstrates an independent work initiative, sound judgment, diplomacy, tact and professional demeanor
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Purchasing Skills
Ability to gather, synthesize, summarize, and analyze the information necessary to ensure cost-effective bids. Knowledge necessary to review purchasing processes and recommend areas for improvement. Skill in evaluating quality and price of products to judge suitability of goods and alternatives offered. Demonstrated ability to take the initiative and implement new programs and procedures under the guidance of the Assistant Vice President. Ability to build productive on-going working relationships with vendors and customers.
Working knowledge of MMIS Computer Systems

·Bachelor's Degree
·4 years of experience purchasing, buying, capital procurement or contracting

·Knowledge of medical terminology, clinical/research product lines
·Related health care, research, or laboratory experience
·National certification in purchasing or contracting