Ultrasound Technologist


SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Manager, Ultrasound



PURPOSE OF POSITION: To function as a leader and an imaging technologist in the field of Ultrasound imaging. To facilitate and coordinate patient care, delivery and effective communication within the medical center dedicated to the care of infants, children, adolescents and those with childhood conditions. Work closely with team members of the Radiology Department and other collaborating departments throughout the hospital and outpatient sites.

Work collaboratively/cooperatively with others to achieve goals. Proactively adjust one's style and/or efforts to complement those of others. Develop positive working relationships with peers/colleagues. Share knowledge and/or provide support for team members. Contribute to and promote a positive and professional work environment/atmosphere. May serve as a liaison within the division or organization.
·Communication - Patient
Communicate with patients, families and employees in courteous manner. Respond promptly to requests by patients, families and employees. May provide information concerning patients that are admitted, referred, transferred, or discharged. Provide emotional support to families as needed.
·Compliance I
Understand and comply to applicable policies, guidelines, regulations, and/or accreditation standards. Document compliance as necessary. Maintain compliance with CCHMC Core Standards and code of ethics. May be responsible for ensuring that work areas are organized and present a safe, accessible, effective, and/or efficient environment for employees, patients, and/or families.
·Customer Service - Patient
Act as a customer advocate and strive to better meet the needs of, and to support, patients and/or families. Utilize a customer focus to complete assignments and/or interact with customers in a courteous, attentive and conscientious manner. Respond quickly to parent requests and concerns. Provide appropriate education/information to patients and/or families.
·Leadership I
Build positive relationships with colleagues. Coach and/or mentor peers, formally or informally. Provide constructive feedback to staff. Assist others in acquiring department specific knowledge, skills, and abilities.
·Professional Development
Maintain currency in the field, including maintenance of any necessary licensure/certification, through continuing education, conferences, meetings, in-services, networking, literature, and/or seminars. Attend all mandatory CCHMC training sessions. Implement obtained knowledge/skills into one's own work, the department, and/or the organization. Assume responsibility for one's own professional growth and development. May participate in internal/external professional committees, agencies, councils, and/or activities.
·Process Improvement I
Participate in improving/assuring organizational and/or departmental performance/quality through recommending areas or approaches for improvement activities, performing new procedures, collecting data and/or providing input to department discussions. Anticipate and actively identify and recommend areas for process/system improvement. May work with appropriate personnel to implement agreed upon changes. May participate in the evaluation of improvement initiatives/activities.
·Patient Care - Procedures and Exams
Prepare patients, parents, and/or families for procedures/examinations physically and/or psychologically. Conduct procedures/examinations following protocol/guidelines as directed. May obtain, review, bring together, and/or facilitate the exchange of patient information.
·Safety - General
Adhere to established safety programs within the department/division. Evaluate procedures, facilities and equipment to identify unsafe conditions that need improvement. Ensure safety concerns are reported appropriately.
·Serve as a Resource II
Demonstrate advanced competence in specific knowledge, skills and behaviors. Effectively communicate with team members and contribute to their growth by sharing knowledge, experience, and skills; stay abreast of changes in key systems; serve as an expert resource to the department, and/or hospital in specific area(s).

Skills & Competencies
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
·Informal Leadership
Ability to informally lead and direct the work of others
·Computer Proficiency - Basic
Working knowledge of basic computer applications
·Physical Stamina - High
Excellent physical stamina sufficient to perform frequent bending, heavy lifting (up to 50 - 80 lbs.), extensive standing and/or walking.
Challenging the status quo and seizing opportunities to enhance work processes and outcomes; voluntarily seeking new or extra responsibilities and challenges; going beyond what is expected; proactively delving into work without hesitation
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
Possess knowledge of specific radiology modality procedures and their application to the pediatric population and continuing throughout the lifespan.
Presents a professional demeanor in challenging situations. Excellent organization, analytical and prioritization skills. Ability to work independently.

• Graduate of Ultrasound Accredited Program OR equivalent
• Licensed by the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography) OR eligible and registered
within 1 year of graduation for new grads
• Exceeds all CEU requirements per licensing agencies and hospital guidelines
• Member of a related professional organization (i.e., SDMS, AIUM or State professional society)
• ARDMS Pediatric Sonography Certification
• 3 years of pediatric imaging experience
Skills &